Fancy The Beano Annual From Your Year? Personalised facsimiles now available

The Beano Annual From Your Year - Signature Gifts

Signature Gifts are now offering Beano readers personalised, facsimile reprints of every Beano annual from the very first one, published in 1940 – right up to 2013.

Beano Annual 1940The Beano Annual From Your Year is a fantastic nostalgic gift, with each annual featuring a compendium of comic strips involving the weekly humour comic’s best-loved characters, and these personalised versions are manufactured with exactly the same content as the originals.

You may want an annual from the year of your birth, or even an annual from the time you read the long-running comic, but whichever annual you choose can be personalised with the recipient’s name and a personal message on the opening page.

Beano Annual 1973These editions are scans of the original Beano annuals from the Beano archive, in coordination with DC Thomson’s Heritage Brands team, so you need to be aware that as with any old books, they may contain small blotches, smudges and the odd archivist scribble.

Signature Gifts also caution that “some pages may also contain references which are of their time, but would not be considered suitable today”… probably more a warning that naughty kids got a a pretty strict comeuppance many years ago, more than anything else!

“I’m very impressed with the quality,” says cartoonist Lew Stringer, who ordered the 1957 edition for its Leo Baxendale strips. “All of these facsimile books are scanned from the old annuals, so may contain images of any flaws (such as rips or smudges) picked up from the scan, but the 1957 one doesn’t appear to have any. Reproduction is very good indeed, and as close to an accurate reprint as you’re likely to get.”

I hope this is a success – it’s a great idea – and it prompts offerings of other annual ranges in the same format. With titles as diverse as Sparky and Dandy to Warlord and Victor, there’s plenty that could be added!

Signature also offer personalised editions of the current Beano annual as a separate item.

You can order these books here from Signature Gifts – a great Christmas gift, perhaps (yes, I know it’s only August!)

Buy a personalised 2019 Beano annual from Signature here

The latest Beano and Dandy annuals without personalisation are available from the Beano online shop here

Beano and Dandy Annuals 2019

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Beano © DC Thomson/ Beano Studios

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