Cutaway Comics on course to release new Doctor Who spin-off, “Eldrad Must Live”

Cutaway Comics - Eldrad Must Live One Shot by Bob Baker and Stephen B. Scott

The team behind Cutaway Comics, the new Manchester-based comic imprint exploring the worlds of the Doctor Who universe, has successfully added a one shot spin-off title by TV and film script writer Bob Baker to its roster – Eldrad Must Live.

Part of the stretch goals for the new publisher’s Kickstarter for the four part series Omega, Eldrad Must Live is an add on for all backers of all merchandise bundles, now the project has achieved over £12,000 in funding – and looks set to gain even further support.

Eldrad Must Live is written by Doctor Who series writer Bob Baker, perhaps best known as the co-creator of K9 with the late Dave Martin, but whose TV and film credits also include Into the Labyrinth, Sky (adapted into a novel in 2015), Wallace & Gromit – Curse of the Were Rabbit and much, much more.

In recent years, he’s been working with artist and TV producer Paul Tams, perhaps better known to some of our readers as Paul Mark Tams, on a spin-off version of K9 produced for Australian television, with the K9 Megabytes Storybook just released.

His first comic is a follow up to the Fourth Doctor TV story The Hand of Fear, and sees a deadly splinter from Eldrad’s body regenerate and cause havoc in a nuclear reactor. Can the reactor’s controller Professor Watson stop Eldrad – again?

Bob has teamed up with Marvel and DC artist Stephen B. Scott for this exciting one-shot that promises to deliver a classic slice of horror – and has indeed been brought back to life, thanks to Kickstarter backers.

It’s fair to say that the Cutaway Comics team seem pretty blown away by the huge support they have gained for these spin-off tales, inspired by the back up “Monster” strips that appeared in early issues of Doctor Who Weekly.

“Some people might think we are mad continuing and developing characters like Orcini and Eldrad,” says Cutaway Comics publisher Gareth Kavanagh, “but with so much potential left unexplored in these worlds, and the original creators willing to explore them in a medium new to them, we’ve got a formidable match of talent and energy to harness.”

Artist Stephen B. Scott’s many credits include work for Marvel Entertainment, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Titan Comics and more, drawing characters such as Batman and strips such as X-Men Forever.

Cutaway Comics Omega #1 cover by Martin Geraghty
Cutaway Comics Omega #1 cover by Martin Geraghty

As we’ve previously reported, the publisher’s Omega four part mini series follows hot on the heels of the success of launch title Lytton, written by Eric Saward and drawn by Barry Renshaw.

Omega, currently available to pre-order through Kickstarter with perks including merchandise bundles, is a new four part US-style comic mini-series by Mark Griffiths and Doctor Who Magazine comic strip veteran John Ridgway, with a backup strip, “The Demons of Eden” by Ian Winterton and another DWM stalwart, Martin Geraghty.

Omega’s mix of the cosmic and mythologic will appeal to fans of The Sandman and Promethea,” says Gareth. “We’ve worked closely with original creator Bob Baker to ensure our exploration of the character is true to Bob (and late co-creator Dave Martin’s) vision of Doctor Who‘s own Galactus.”

“Omega launched to a huge response on Kickstarter, beating its target and initial stretch goals within a few days.”

Omega - Kickstarter Stretch Goals

Asked why Cutaway Comics are offering Kickstarter as an option to purchase their comics, when much of the work is already completed on Lytton and Omega, Gareth explains the answer to this is two-fold.

“We need to ensure the longevity of the range, and comics aren’t cheap,” he says. “Aside from the script, artwork, colouring and lettering (none of which you can cut corners on), there’s distribution, printing, covers, licensing all to be taken into account.

Cutaway Comics founder Gareth Kavanagh
Cutaway Comics founder Gareth Kavanagh

“We’re pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with Doctor Who spin-offs,” he enthuses.

“Aside from the DVD discs with audio and visual content that come with each issue, Kickstarter allows us to see what extra material our supporters want – risk free for us, but richly rewarding for everyone if we can meet our targets. We can experiment with stretch goals and perks that we would like to offer, and see if people want to purchase them.

“Our core product and commitment are the comics,” he emphasises. “Everything else is indulging our, and hopefully, your tastes for good quality material from the world of Doctor Who.

Buoyed by early success, Cutaway Comics is already investing in the future of the imprint with work progressing on future titles which include Paradise Towers: Paradise Found, based on the Seventh Doctor story written for TV by Stephen Wyatt, launching 2021.

Check out Cutaway Comics Omega Kickstarter here

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Bob Baker is online at | Buy his biography, K9 Stole My Trousers! (AmazonUK Affiliate Link)

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Paul Tams, the modern K9 and Bob Baker
Paul Tams, the modern K9 and Bob Baker


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