Doctor Who-inspired “Lethbridge-Stewart Colouring Book” in the works

Publisher Candy Jar have begun taking orders for their Lethbridge-Stewart Colouring Book, featuring art by Doctor Who and Thunderbirds artist Martin Baines.

Photo courtesy Martin Baines

This collection of art is surely a must for fans if the “UNIT Era” of Doctor Who, as well as collectors of adult colouring books. It features 20 brand new pieces of art, concentrating on the Lethbridge-Stewart series of novels and features the Dominators, Quarks, Yeti, Anne Travers, Bandrils and much more.

Shaun Russell, head of publishing at Candy Jar Books, says: “2020 has been a difficult year for all of us. Lockdown has taken its toll, and it is quite likely that we still haven’t seen the end of COVID-19.

“Normally, we do something special for Christmas. For instance, in 2016 we released The Xmas Files – a collection of Lethbridge-Stewart-inspired Christmas stories, in 2018 our online advent calendar (still available on the Candy jar Books website), and last year The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: Christmas Crackers collection of stories.

“Sadly, due other commitments, this has not been possible this year. So, when Martin approached me to do the colouring book, Ithought why not. This is not strictly a Christmas project, but it certainly is a great stocking filler.”

Martin Baines

Comics and storyboard artist Martin Baines many comics and Illustration credits include Danger Mouse, Doctor Who, and Thunderbirds, as well as colouring the “Garth” strip for the Daily Mirror for several years.

Martin created some of Candy Jar’s most popular covers this year, including the Downtime sequel Child of the New World, as well as Kiss of the Ice Maiden and 100 Objects of Doctor Who, both of which are due out in a couple of months.

“Shaun and I chat regularly about future projects,” says Martin. “The conversations are always great fun, particularly when it’s about Lethbridge Stewart and Doctor Who.

“Don’t tell anyone, but we are currently developing an epic comic strip starring the Brig(which will hopefully be released 2021). So, having worked on this artwork, I thought aLethbridge-Stewart colouring book would be something special to end the year. I was so glad when Shaun agreed.”

“Early Doctor Who has for me been a real discovery and I hope this book adds to the legend,” he continues. “I have put in a lot of research and fleshed out certain elements. The Bandrils were particularly interesting to draw and fleshing out the Lucy Wilson characters was quite fun. I alsoloved drawing Professor Travers and Sergeant Benton.”

Shaun concludes: “I suspect some people will prefer not to colour Martin’s images, but instead keep them as a lockdown memento. I’m certainly considering framing one or two of his striking pieces myself.”

Pre-order your copy of the Lethbridge-Stewart Colouring Book here directly from Candy Jar

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