Death Sentence Issue 1 Sell Out success for Titan Comics

Death Sentence #1 Cover

It’s a pandemic! Titan Comics tells us that the debut issue of Death Sentence by Jim Montynero and Mike Dowling has sold out at distributor level on its first day of release – and we gather this isn’t the only title from the company doing brisk business.

The new creator owned series, written by Monty and illustrated by Mike, has completely sold out at Diamond Comics Distributors, with a second print, featuring a bold new cover, scheduled to drop on 20th November, so don’t miss your chance to get on board this explosive new series!

“As one of the amazing projects that kickstarted the whole Titan Comics line, it’s fantastic to see retailers getting behind Death Sentence and giving us a great sell-out,” said publisher Nick Landau. “There’s an unforgettable ride in store across these six issues, so to avoid any readers missing out, we’re immediately going back to press on a second print.”

Our sources tell us that Death Sentence, Dan Boultwood’s It Came! and the Titan Comics version of Numbercruncher from Si Spurrier and PJ Holden are front running sales wise for the Titan’s new imprint, whose initial titles also include Chronos Commandos by Stuart Jennett and Tomorrowland by Paul Jenkins and Stellar Labs.

“I’m humbled and amazed to learn that our comic sold out,” writer Monty Nero said, “Kudos to Mike Dowling, Titan and all the amazing people who bought it. Thanks so much!”

Death Sentence has been described by Mark Millar as “The best idea I’ve seen in years. Genuinely original” and “A brilliantly original concept.” by major US comics news site Newsarama.

What would you do with superpowers – and six months to live? That’s the dilemma facing three people who’ve contracted the G+ Virus, through unprotected sex.

What can graphic designer Verity, failing indie guitarist Weasel and roguish media personality Monty do in the time they have left? Fade away – or go out in a blaze of glory?

Death Sentence #1 is still available from Forbidden Planet and may still be available through local comic stores, and is available now digitally via comiXology

• The second printing of Death Sentence #1  is available to order now from Diamond’s Previews Plus issue #1098 (released 10/21/13), item code SEP138036

• For more information about Death Sentence, visit:

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