Detective Comics #27 flies for £28,200 in British comics auction

Multiple bidding in the room from their live internet feed and three transatlantic telephones led to some impressive results from the Dominic Winter/ Comic Book Auctions on Thursday night, including the headline sale of a copy of Detective Comics #27 for £28,200 – the comic in which ‘Bat Man’ (sic) debuted.

Aside from Detective Comics #27, the big sellers were a restored copy of Superman #1 for £10,500 and Batman #1  for £9,600. A copy of Marvel’s X-Men #1 sold for £3,877.00.

Some other key results were Amazing Spider-Man #1 CGC 6.5 at £3,350; Amazing Spider-Man #14 CGC 9.2 at £2,700 and Amazing Spider-Man #25 CGC 9.4 at £1233.

A copy of Avengers #1 CGC 7.5 sold for £4,112 and Avengers #2 CGC 8.5 at £1175. Even an issue Avengers #11 sold at a good price – £870.

All prices include 17.5% buyer’s premium.

‘The sale was largely successful with all eyes on the Detective #27 at an impressive £28,200 including 17.5% buyer’s premium,” notes Comic Book Auction’s Malcolm Phillips.

The Avengers did particularly well in advance of the upcoming movie, as did the ever-popular webslinger and Professor X’s Militant Mutants. Superman #1 and Batman #1 were both CGC restored copies, just meeting their reserves.

“Given this was our our debut live auction of a one-owner collection of 2,500 US comics, the biggest inventory ever offered outside the USA, both ourselves and the vendor were absolutely delighted with the overall results.”

• For more UK comics auctions visit the Comic Book Auctions web site

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