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Good Dog, Bad DogCollections of some of the brilliant strips that featured in the subscription-only comic The DFC are in the pipeline for 2010 release.

Due in April, March and May respectively are MeZolith by Adam Brockbank and Ben Haggarty, Good Dog, Bad Dog by Dave Shelton and Spider Moon by Kate Brown, all to be published by David Fickling Books.

MeZolith is set 10,000 years ago, when the Kansa tribe live on the western shores of the North Sea Basin, where danger is never far away. Each season brings new adventure, each hunt has its risks, and each grim encounter with the neighbouring tribe is fraught with threats. Poika, a boy on the verge of manhood, must play his part and trust the strength and wisdom of his elders. This is a tale of beasts and beauty, man, magic and … horror.

The story is the work of Ben Haggarty and artist Adam Brockbank. Adam says comics were his first love, notably the black and white reprints of Silver Age Marvel comics that he found on the shelves of his local newsagent.

Adam spent seven years studying painting only to end up working in the film industry, first as a Storyboard artist then later as a Concept artist, working on many films including X-Men, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Tomb Raider, but it is for his work on all of the Harry Potter films that he is best known, designing creatures, props and vistas.

Kirk Bergman and Duncan McBoo are the stars of Dave Shelton’s Good Dog, Bad Dog: two pedigree police, the finest canine cops in all Muttropolis. And they’re never short of work. The city is heaving with cunning crooks and malevolent mongrels who would sell their own mother for a bone. Join our dog detectives as they chase leads, sniff out crime, collar the bad guys and generally get their teeth into adventures full of action, suspense and …milkshakes. Criminals beware: McBoo and Bergman are on your tail!

Spider Moon starts with tales of a prophecy, of homelands being crushed by a falling sky, at a time Bekka and her people are facing the end of days. They must do all in their power to save themselves from the fate they believe is theirs. But destiny is like a tightly coiled snake. Which Bekka must unfurl without getting bitten…

David Fickling Books say there was strong interest at Frankfurt Book Fair for the first three titles.

“We have had a fantastic response to The DFC novels at the fair from lots of US and European publishers,” says Maeve Banham, Senior Rights Manager at Random House Children’s Book. “The graphic novel market is growing and publishers are keen to be a part of this.”

The DFC Library will showcase a single strip from The DFC – and of course 2010 may also see the comic’s return…

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4 replies

  1. “…and of course 2010 may also see the comic’s return…”

    Care to elaborate?

    Oh, and let’s have Crab Lane Crew, Lil’ Cutie and Vern & Lettuce collections next.

  2. David Fickling himself has said he plans to bring the comic back in some form, hopefully next year, and DFC contributor Andrew Wildman recently re-reported this over on the downthetubes forum.

    Just as an aside, just found this great piece from David offering advice to would be writers: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2008/sep/26/booksforchildrenandteenagers.publishing

  3. Cheers, John. I’d love to see more DFC, and so would The Kids.

  4. Excellent, I loved Good Dog Bad Dog! Now I just need Monkey Nuts, The Boss and Super Animal Squad and I’m happy. (DFC Olympics might be too short for one, pity. Maybe Pig Pieces can bring it to us!)

    – Charles RB

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