Eagle Times Volume 27 Number One Available Now

Eagle Times Volume 27 Number One - Cover

The cover of this issue of Eagle Times shows the cover of Eagle and Boys’ World, Volume 18 Number 37 (9th September, 1967), featuring ‘The Campbells: Legends in Their Lifetimes’

The new issue of Eagle Times is available now from the Eagle Society – Britian’s longest-running comics fanzine.

Spring 2014 Contents

  • ‘The Lakeland Motor Museum’ – an article focussing on the Campbell Bluebird Exhibition, recalling the former world land and water speed champions Malcolm Campbell and (his son) Donald Campbell, who featured in a number of articles and cutaway drawings in Eagle
  • ‘The 2013 Marcus Morris Award’ – Terry Mansfield’s citation to the 2013 winner of “UK’s highest accolade in magazine publishing” (named after Eagle‘s co-creator and first Editor), which was presented to Nicholas Coleridge on 8th October 2013
  • ‘In and Out of the Eagle‘ – a double-dose of a new series presenting collections of Eagle-related news snippets
  • ‘PC49 and the Case of the Park Café’ – another text story of London’s East End “copper”, adapted from one of Alan Stranks’ original radio plays
  • ‘Remembering Project Nimbus’ – a re-look at the ‘Dan Dare’ story from 1960, when the Eagle mast-head changed, ‘Dan Dare was ‘re-vamped’ (under editorial orders) and which brought to a close Frank Bellamy’s contribution to ‘Dan Dare’
  • ‘More on Nando Tacconi’ – a follow-up to the appreciation of the artist which appeared in Eagle Times Vol. 25 No. 3, with further information on his work
  • ‘Some thoughts on Impulse Waves’ – regarding the nature of the fictional propulsion system devised by Frank Hampson (or possibly Arthur C. Clarke?) to overcome the limitations of rocket power in travelling about Dan Dare’s solar system
  • ‘José Ortiz Moya’ – obituary of the artist, known as José Ortiz, who drew for both the original Eagle and the 1980s re-incarantion, “new” Eagle
  • ‘The Death of Swift and the Eagle Takeover’ – on the demise of Eagle‘s companion paper and the changes in Eagle as it became Eagle and Swift in 1963
  • ‘The Rivals of Jeff Arnold No. 13: Wyatt Earp’ – on the real-life character who lived inside and outside the law, and his appearance as a character in British comics, particularly Junior Express Weekly and Swift
  • ‘Lt. Col. Pinto – The Spycatcher’ – on the Dutchman whose memoirs of his World War II work for British Intelligence inspired a BBC television series Spycatcher (1959-61) starring Bernard Archer, as well as the comic strip ‘Col. Pinto’ in TV Express Weekly (1961), and who was featured in an Eaglesupplement, The World of Espionage, in 1966
  • ‘A comic remembered – Guns of Fact and Fiction‘- recollecting a graphic 1948 comic (reprinted in Britain in 1950), which is now a collectable item but which “was the type of comic that Marcus Morris was very much against”
  • ‘Leslie Robert Thomas Bartholomew’ – a personal tribute from a former Eagle staff-member with memories about the man who took over editorship of Eagle in 1962 with “a certain yearning to restore Eagle to its old image”, but who was destined to manage its decline
  • ‘Stories from the Three Mustardeers’ – on the origins with the crime writer Dorothy L. Sayers of the advertising feature stories from Colman’s Mustard that appeared in Eagle every month from 1951-54

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