Emergency Medical Fund launched for American comic artist Craig Hamilton

Comic artist Craig Hamilton in the Emergency Room. Photo via Nancy Collins

American artist Nancy A. Collins (Swamp Thing, Vampirella, Sonja Blue) has launched a GoFundMe in support of close personal friend and creative partner of artist Craig Hamilton (Aquaman, Fables, Spectre), who is seeking help to pay medical bills after an accident.

While walking home last week, Craig misjudged the height of a kerb and ended up in his local Emergency Room in Macon, Georgia, with a dislocated right ankle as well as fractured ankle bones. He needed surgery that involved having a pin placed in his ankle.

Like many US professional self-employed creatives, does not have health insurance, and his bill for treatment is expected to be at least $75,000. The recently-launched GoFundMe has raised just over $8000 in support.

“The fact of the matter is that this is going to be a huge problem for him, both financially and physically for the next couple of months,” Nancy notes.

“He has yet to see a bill from the hospital, but the goal I’ve set for this campaign is probably on the lower side of what the final bill is going to be.”

Comic artist Craig Hamilton reunited at home with his beloved cat. Photo via Nancy Collins

“Every movement I now make has to be a carefully considered thing that requires focused attention and effort,” Craig acknowledges, now at home and resting as comfortably as possible, reunited with his cats. “I have a catheter tube for my nerve blocker to constantly be aware of. I have a regimen of pills to take. I have to rest after moving to another room.”

Despite the pain and discomfort, Craig is forthright in his thanks for the $8000 in donations received so far.

“In the coming weeks and months this healing and physical therapy will utterly dominate my life, but it wouldn’t even be possible without the generous outpouring of support I am receiving,” he says. “Thank you doesn’t begin to reflect the deep gratitude I feel but I hope it suffices. I have long believed in the constant practice of gratitude for even the smallest things… In our darkest times, gratitude can save us.”

Art by Craig Hamilton via The Art of Craig Hamilton Facebook Page
Art from Green Lantern Corps Quarterly Scared of His Shadow by Craig Hamilton.Via ComicArtFans

Nancy and Craig spent much of 2020 enjoyably creating a new project that they have been set to launch in 2021, and fans investment in this artist’s well being assures that it will proceed as planned.

“But for now, I have to dedicate myself to my healing and physical therapy, which your support is making possible,” Craig says. “I will reward you with best original graphic novel I am capable of producing on the other side.”

If you can help Craig, then any donations will be deeply appreciated in this time of need via GoFundMe here

Craig Hamilton’s Personal Gallery in ComicArtFans

The Art of Craig Hamilton Facebook Page

Art by Craig Hamilton on ComicArtFans

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