Frank Hampson Dan Dare art in latest Compal Auction

Dan Dare original colour artwork by Frank Hampson for Eagle Vol. 7 No. 41 1956. Rogue Planet story. Like many Dan Dare cover artworks from the Hampson studio this board had some panels re-configurated to fit the format for publication of later Eagle overseas issues.

Early issues of Mickey Mouse Weekly and The Dandy, Commando art, ‘Dan Dare’ art by Frank Hampson, Thunderbirds art by Frank Bellamy and some stunning covers from IPC’s Thrilling Picture Library and other titles by Giorgio De Gaspari are just some of the lots in the Summer 2011 auction at Compalcomics.

Compalcomics tell us their recent March catalogue was a complete sell-out highlighted by £441 for the first Beezer comic with free gift Whizz Bang, £330 each for Kit Carson, Dick Daring and Spy 13 front cover artworks from Cowboy and Thriller Picture Library, £2200 for Frank Bellamy’s action-packed Thunderbirds artwork and an average price of £80 each for our ‘one owner from new’ war years Dandy comics.

The first Doctor Who And The Daleks jigsaw
‘In The Tardis’ (later withdrawn by the BBC)

More examples of all of these form just part of the massive British section of the new auction, which also includes Doctor Who jigsaws, copies of DC Thomson’s early comic Magic and as a 1926 book featuring the original ‘Invisible Dick’ – who was reinvented for Sparky comic in 1965 as well as appearing in the original Dandy.

Early comic art from Film Fun‘s war years includes strips featuring George Formby and Laurel and Hardy by George Wakefield. The Magic comics offered include Easter and Christmas editions, along with penultimate Issue 79 which features the editor’s apology for the forthcoming demise of the title due to wartime paper shortages.

Denis Gifford’s run of G G Swan annuals also comes to an end with runs of Fairies and Funnies albums but of special interest is Gifford’s own Giant Monster Comic Book; 92 pages of original artwork in a mock-up annual that never made publication and a unique piece of British comics history.

The 1956 Frank Hampson board of Dan Dare artwork is sure to excite strong interest with its estimate of £800-1000. A similar board from 1951 was sold in France recently for 3000 euros.

Send For Spitfires – an original 63 page complete story artworks for Commando War Stories In Pictures No 83 (1961). By Julio ‘Chiche’ Medrano.

But the star lot this catalogue concerns the ever popular Commando – the complete illustrated 63 page artwork from Commando 83 ‘Send For Spitfires‘, a stunning set from the pen of Julio Medrano. Rarities also include  six Thunderbirds giveaways only redeemable with Dutch margarine wrappers.

Also up for grabs are early issues of Mickey Mouse Weekly – sure to appeal to Disney fans, as will the early British Donald Duck annuals offered. With two (if faded) Frank Bellamy Thunderbirds boards, rare TV Century 21 Holiday Specials, a smashing Frankie Stein piece by Robert Nixon for Monster Fun Annual 1980 and even a 2000AD Issue 1 – complete with free space spinner! – there’s plenty here for British comics fans to savour.

• Bids for the Summer 2011 auction at Compalcomicswill be accepted until Tuesday 7 June at 8 PM UK time. Web:

• If you have a question about any of the items in the catalogue, please send an email to Compalcomics director Malcolm Phillips at

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