FutureQuake Press Invade Thought Bubble with all-new issues of Zarjaz, FutureQuake, Something Wicked

Future Quake Issue 28 - Wraparound Cover


The hugely-talented team behind the excellent FutureQuake Press titles – including FutureQuake, Something Wicked and Zarjaz – will be at the Thought Bubble Festival convention this weekend and have some great titles on offer.

First up: FutureQuake is back! The finest talents in the small press are here again to save you from boredom. Where else in the printed world can you get this much variety for such a small outlay? Issue 28 is a bumper 48 pages in size costing just £4, with a gorgeous cover by Steven Austin. It would be an insult to all of creation to ask for less!

Featured in this issue: “Barry’s Nose” by writer Rory McConville and artist Scott Twells; “Cop Killer” by writer Tim Perry and artist Joe Palmer; “Monitors” by writer Jonathan Harris and artist Wesley St Clair; “Old” by writer Michelle Wilkinson and artist A I Miller; “Orionid” by writer Virgil Yendell and artist Neil Sims; “Peaceful Farewell” by writer Blas Bigatti and artist Adam Caudill; “Revolution 1010” by writer Mike Yeoman and artist Steven Austin; “The Final Boss” by writer Dave Cook and artist RH Stewart; “The Long Sleep” by writer Robert Lefebvre and artist David Valente; “The Gods Tear” by writer JJ Robinson and artist Alex Paterson; and “Wanted” by writer Marcello Bondi and artist Mattia Marini.

Something Wicked Issue 11


Next – Issue 11 of  Something Wicked, with a cover by Matt Sandbrook. Also 48 pages for a mere £4, this scrumptious horror-filled comic features “Be A Doll” by writer Ryan Tandy and artist Ross Bampfylde; “Greed and Other Human Compulsions” by writer Chris Tresson and artist Shaun Speight; “Guilty” by writer Michelle Wilkinson      and artist Andy Micheal; “Hang Him” by writer Marcello Bondi and artist Marco Arzilli; “Horror Stories” by Jack Davies; “The Curious Tale of Hartigan Hare” by writer JJ Robinson and artists Bryan Coyle & Alex Paterson; “The Irony Fairy” by writer Andy Oldfield and artist Rui Mendes; “The Last of the Camel Leopards” by writer Karl Brandt and artist Peter Woods; “The Sultan’s Painting” by writer Phil Madden and artist Rui Mendes; and “The Warm Welcome” by writer Ryk Brink and artist Matt Sandbrook.

Zarjaz Issue 25 - Wrap Around Cover

Beneath the cover by Daniel Dwyer, the winner of the 2000AD Thought Bubble competition in 2014, FQP also bring you more thrills than you should be allowed to access in a single sitting in Zarjaz 25 – 48 pages for the amazing price of £3.

This issue features two ABC Warriors strips, “Red Spice” by writer Lee Robson and artist Alfie Gallagher and “Rover” by Martin Currie; a Future Shock, “Trash Ed” by writer Ryan King and artist Stephen Prestwood; “Judge Dredd -The Epiphany Of Treasure Highland” by writer Mark Howard and artist Daniel Dwyer; two Rogue Trooper stories, “Lone Gunnar” by Martin Currie and “The Walking Dead” by writer Lee Robson and artist James Newell; “Shakara – The Fourth Buggerian” by Scott Twells; and “Tales Of Mega-City One – The Story of Jjon Pepps” by writer Alistair Mclean and artist Danos Philopoulos.

This will be the seventh time that FQP has had a table at the Festival and as this is the tenth anniversary of the first year of FQP the team have decided to drop the price of all bagged back issues on sale at the event. Whether you want to fill your gaps in your Zarjaz collection, or dip your toes into the astounding worlds on show in FutureQuake, all back issues (the bagged ones) are going to be available for 50p off cover.

Also on sale will be limited copies of the terrific Neroy Sphinx collection, reviewed extensively here, – if you want to read what all the fuss is about, make sure you pick up a copy. Available for a paltry £5.00.

El Bigote - La Noche de los Muertoads Issue One

FQP will also be selling copies of El Bigote – La Noche de los Muertoads Issue One courtesy of the creative team, but be warned they don’t have many and they’re expected to sell fast.

All purchases over £10.00 get to choose a complimentary mini sketch, as drawn by Bolt-01 over the last few months. At the Edgbaston comic expo in April, FQP gave away 100 of these with the premier goody bag.

• This year FQP are in the New Dock hall, and can be found at Table #133. If you’re not at Thought Bubble, then all the above titles are on sale from the FutureQuake Press store at www.futurequake.co.uk/shop.php

Bonus sketches by Bolt-01 for those of you who buy big at the FQP Thought Bubble table

Bonus sketches by Bolt-01 for those of you who buy big at the FQP Thought Bubble table

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