Gatehouse and Windett launch “Kaci Bell Mysteries”

The Kaci Bell Mysteries by John Gatehouse & Dave Windett

Ace creators John Gatehouse and Dave Windett have just launched a web strip, The Kaci Bell Mysteries, set in a Bluewater Cove, California – where life is never quite normal!

When high school students turn into super-powered freaks and go on a crime spree, the authorities are powerless to stop them.

But where did these super teens come from?

And how did they gain their god-like powers?

Determined to solve the mystery, 16 years old Kaci Bell enters a dark world of science gone mad.

With danger and death shadowing her every move, she may not live long enough to discover the shocking truth

The Kaci Bell Mysteries is a newspaper style adventure comic strip by writer John Gatehouse and artist Dave Windett  and can be read online at

When they decided to create this web strip, John and Dave tell us they didn’t want to get into a position where they had to leave it unfinished and disappoint potential readers.

“All 141 episodes of the story have been drawn and the strip will be updated daily,” Dave says. “With all the strips finished we were also able to put together a printed collection which can be purchased from Lulu.”

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