Geek Syndicate Launches first ever 2000AD podcast

Top Brit podcast site Geek Syndicate have launched a new podcast on under our banner dedicated to all things 2000AD – possibly the first of its kind devoted solely to Rebellion’s weekly scifi comic.

Everything Comes Back To 2000AD is the work of two 2000AD fans who have thrown together an informal, fortnightly podcast in which they work through two of the latest 2000AD issues and
go right back to the beginnings with a retrospective look at one of the magazines formative editions. Along the way they also go into the latest 2000AD trades they have added to their collections as well as associated games, movies and anything else vaguely related to the mag.

With more of a “Listening to two mates talking in the pub” feel than a professional radio one, expect tangents, language not suitable for the kiddies and general confusion as they look back on the comics of their childhood and compare them to the latest output from the offices of Tharg the Mighty.

You can listen to all of their episodes here

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