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A1 #4

Here’s the rundown on three Titan Comics titles on sale from today in all good comic shops!

A1 #4

WEIRDING WILLOWS: There’s a dinosaur from Hollow Earth loose in the Weir and she’s eating Farmer McGregor’s sheep! Can Alice and Frankenstein’s Monster stop her – before McGregor puts down this purple T-rex for good?!

What do you get when you cross soldiers, superheroes, supervillains with a truckload of guns, in a children’s hospital in Iraq?! This month’s ODYSSEY, that’s what!

CARPEDIEM: NINE IRON: Grab your woods and irons, and join the CarpeDIEm agents as they battle a haunted putt-putt golf arena – where deadly surprises wait in every hole!

Writers: Dave Elliott, W.H. Rauf
Artists: Barnaby Bagenda, Sami Basri, Sakti Yuwono, Jessica Kholinne, Garrie Gastony, Rhoald Marcelius
Cover Artists: Three covers to collect – Sami Basri and Sakti Yuwono (Weirding Willows), Garrie Gastonny and Sakti Yuwono (Odyssey), Rhoald Marcellius and Sakti Yuwono (Carpe Diem)
Number of Issues in Series: 6 (monthly)
Full Colour, 36pp
Street Date: 4th September, 2013

Diamond Order Code: MAY131270

Chronos Commandos #3Chronos Commandos: Dawn Patrol #3

Trapped in the past, surrounded by starving velociraptors, and liberally daubed in blood, the Sarge and his squad are in their tightest spot yet!

But there’s no time to linger on their slim chance of escape – they’re sharing the Cretaceous with the Nazi time crew who’ve stolen an Allied Chronosphere – a piece of tech that could tilt the Time War in the Nazis’ favor! It’s up to the Sarge to take it back – or die trying!

Pulse-pounding painted pulpcore action, just like Mama always made!

Writer and Artist: Stuart Jennett
Cover Artist(s): Stuart Jennett
Number of Issues in Series: 5
Full Colour
Page Count: 32pp
Street Date: 4th September, 2013
Diamond Order Code: MAY131273

It Came #2IT CAME! #2

Director Dan Boultwood continues his lost B-movie SF ‘classic’!

The alien robot known as GRURK has been temporarily waylaid by industrial quantities of bunting, but its inexorable march towards London cannot be stopped! In the village of Trumpington Abbey, space scientist Dr. Boy Brett and his lady-assistant Doris Night (a lady) welcome the arrival of the British Army – but do the soldiers herald a heightened level of competence… or a right royal Carry On? And what part does a field-full of mouldy turnips have to play in the enfolding cosmic drama?!

A blast for fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and classic low-budget science fiction, this gorgeous, affectionate pastiche will keep you guessing – and laughing – throughout!

Writer and Artist: Dan Boultwood
Number of Issues in Series: 4
Full Colour, 32pp
Street Date: 4th September, 2013
Diamond Order Code: MAY131274

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