Giant-Size Band-Thing!

You know, now I’m even more annoyed that I missed out on the Birmingham International Comic Show last weekend (the result of circumstances beyond my control). If I’d been able to make it for the whole weekend and known they were on, I’d really have liked to have seen comics artist Liam Sharp and co, aka the Giant-Size Band-Thing strutting their stuff at the Launch Party, but twas no to be.

So instead, those of us who missed Liam, Phil Winslade, Charlie Adlard and Paul Birch perform as an all-comic-pro band to help kick the con off, we’ll just have to settle for the entire set on YouTube (playlist ink below), the gig the result after a mere five rehearsals!

“Who knows,” says Liam. “the Giant-Size Band-Thing may keep on rolling…”

In terms of the day job, Liam’s new book, Gears of War #1 is out now in the US, and his novel, God Killers, is out now too. More information at:

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