Horizon: The Falling on sale now

Signed copies of Andrew Wildman’s amazing looking HORIZON – the falling are now available from his online shop – go on, gift yourself a copy.

For those who don’t already know, HORIZON – which we’re told now looks like being a three book series – is a story of Love and Loss, Fear and Freedom, a toy rabbit… and very big robots.

Ali is 15. Nothing works. School doesn’t work, home doesn’t work and everyone she loves is no longer there. Then she discovers an access to a place where all the answers can be found.

Horizon. A place of dreams, metaphor, discovery….and freedom.

Dreams are something that we all have. They are an essential part of being human. In HORIZON, writer/artist Andrew Wildman weaves a narrative that draws from not only his long career as a comic book artist – which includes work on Transformers and his own co-created project, Frontier, with Jason Cobley – but also from his experience of Gestalt dream interpretation and his training in personal development coaching.

“The metaphor and symbolism in dreams tell us more about ourselves than any other conversation,” he says. “We already know who we are but our access to this insight is lost as we have forgotten how to understand our own internal dialogue.

HORIZON is a story of Ali, a young girl who’s understanding of herself is transformed through her dreams and how she learns to interpret them.”

• To hear more about seminars and workshops based on the narrative structure of HORIZON and its inherent dream interpretation technology go here

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