In Review: Axolotl Issue 2 by Jack Fallows

axolotl Issue 2 - Cover
Created by Jack Fallows

The Book: 28 pages of extreme self-loathing in the form of diary comics, biographies, illustrations and reviews that tackle family history, depression, sexuality, love, loss, travel and growing up…

Axolotl : Conspiracy


The Review: An anthology of a type, this comic is the second issue of a series that is a mix of social misadventures and painfully confessional slices of modern first world life. Written and drawn by Jack Fallows, he is careful to set his self hating stall out early. A couple of pages of hilariously objectionable quotes from people about him welcomes you as you begin reading. He then, through autobiography and lightly hidden stories begins to lay his vulnerabilities out on the comics page. He explores himself and the world around him in minutely abrasive detail.

Axolotl: About The Author


“Jack Fallows is a worthless piece of s***.”

Like all good autobiographical comics this is done in black and white. Jack Fallows walks the dirty line between Jeffrey Brown and Peter Bagge in stories that are called ‘Jerk Crows’, ‘Dear Diary’, ‘Slut Heart’ and ‘What The F*** Is Wrong With Me?’ Many of the stories look like they were doodled in the margins at office meetings and transposed into this A5 comic.

Sometimes, autobiographical comics can come off a little too cool for school, full of snarky speech and back handed hipster self congratulations. But there’s none of that with Jack Fallows. He is at once earnest and funny. It’s almost like he wants us to give him a kicking over his extreme anxiety and nervousness of the world. In more ways than one he ponders self-abuse.

I picked this book up at the excellent Orbital Comics in their small press section. You can pop in there and get one for yourself or pop over to or or follow this anxiety ridden creator on Twitter @teltos

Many thanks for reading.

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