Sneak Preview: Doctor Who Adventures Issue 5

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 5 - Cover

Summer’s here and the time is right for reading the latest issue of Doctor Who Adventures. Issue 5 is set to land at a newsstand near you on 13th August!

The Doctor takes Clara back to the liberation of Paris in World War Two for the biggest party the party capital of the world has ever seen, but things soon go awry when the deadly Darapok Empire try to take over the war weary city. Take a summer trip to Paris in 1944 in TRUST written by Jason Quinn, illustrated by Russ Leach and coloured by John Burns, it’s going to be a party you will never forget!

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 5 - Strip

“Trust” by Jason Quinn, art by Russ Leach, coloured by John Burns

Do the Weeping Angels make you weep with terror, or do Scarecrows have you screaming for mercy? Or will you run howling from the Autons and the Racnoss? Find out which of the Doctor’s enemies would be most effective against you in battle in this issue’s Fear Factor quiz.

Clara takes you into the TARDIS Craft Studio and shows you how to create your own mini-vortex in the safety of your home…

The best way to survive an alien attack is to know all about your enemies and we’re giving you access to the UNIT Archive on the Weeping Angels, so you’ll know what to do if they come hunting for you.

This month, Strax shows you the delights you can expect to find on Karn, Krop Tor, and Midnight before whisking you away to the end of the universe to meet Futurekind on Malcassairo.

They’ve faced off against each other many times before but who really has the edge? Who do you think would win the final showdown – the Doctor or Missy?

Get ready for an awesome adventure in this cool board game, where you get to be either the Doctor or Missy as you try to escape from the Weeping Angels and make your way to the safety of the TARDIS.

It’s back to Victorian London where Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint and Strax are employed by the Prime Minister to protect the inventor of… a time machine? As they find themselves targeted by enemy agents, Vastra asks herself, are humans ready for time travel?

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 5 – summer won’t be summer without it! Issue 5 comes with a Free Dalek notepad and pencils and special make your own Doctor Who scene stickers!

• Doctor Who Adventures Issue 5 is on sale 13th August 2015, price £3.99 in all good newsagents

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