In Review: Dan Dare #2 from Titan Comics

Dan Dare #2 Cover A

The latest issue of Titan Comics new Dan Dare mini series written by Peter Milligan with Art by Alberto Foche is on sale now in all good comic shops – and finds one bored space hero unexpectedly moonstruck by an angry, vengeance-filled alien princess!

Builing on the tale that found the evil Mekon, former leader of the Treens, imprisoned in the moon, Dare seeks his mortal enemy’s help after a massive Treen vessel destroys the moon Triton – and we’re still not sure if this isn’t some scurrilous escape plan. Peter Milligan deftly develops his take on the space hero first brought to life in Eagle, a character doubting himself but finding a new sense of purpose as this fast-paced adventure develops.

While This take on Dan Dare hasn’t pleased some purists, this isn’t the first revamp Frank Hampson’s character has undergone, and complemented by Alberto Foche’s clean art, I’m still intrigued to see where this tale will take us. Foche’s take on the Mekon is an utter delight this issue and the space battles positively zing with energy.

Oh, and if you can find a copy of Chris Weston’s retro version cover variant – it’s well worth the hunt, but all three covers are a delight.

Dan Dare #2 is on sale now from all good comic shops and various digital platforms. Check out all three variant covers on Forbidden Planet (buying via this link helps support downthetubes, thank you)

Dan Dare #2 Cover B - Alberto Foche & Jordi Escuin Liorach

Dan Dare #2 Cover B – Alberto Foche & Jordi Escuin Liorach

Writer Peter Milligan
Artist Alberto Foche
Colorist Jordi Escuin
FC • 32pp • $3.99
On Sale November 8, 2017

It is a golden time for Earth and the Sol Alliance. Peace reigns supreme. The MEKON, perhaps mankind’s greatest enemy, has finally been vanquished and is undergoing behavioral treatment in a maximum-security prison built on the Moon.

Yet the one man responsible for the capture of the Mekon, the legendary space pilot DAN DARE, languishes in a prison of his own making. With no foe to fight, battle to win or day to be saved, Dan finds himself shackled by the chains of normality and boredom. In a silent prayer, Dan begs the universe to give him a reason to take flight again to the stars.

And his prayers have seemingly been answered.

From an uncharted sector of the galaxy an ancient spaceship of unknown origin and purpose has arrived, broadcasting a strange, un-decipherable signal – and stated its intent by destroying one of the moons of Saturn in a colossal show of strength and firepower…

Cover A: Mike Perkins
Cover B: Alberto Foche & Jordi Escuin Liorach
Cover C: Chris Weston

Dan Dare #2 Cover C - Chris Weston

Dan Dare #2 Cover C – Chris Weston

Dan Dare #2 Sample Art

Dan Dare #2 Sample Art 2

Dan Dare #2 Sample Art 3


Dan Dare #2 Sample Art 4

Dan Dare #2 Sample Art 5

Dan Dare #2 Sample Art 6

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