In Review: Outre – Volume 5: Desire

Outre - Volume 5: Desire


Edited by Glenn Moane and Magnus Aspli
Cover by Silvia Carnis
Published by Outre Press:

This is the fifth volume of the excellent anthology from Scandinavia and the desires covered in its theme are many, it be a desire to smoke, become a new and attractive 21st Century man; or just plain get jiggy. This comic, which includes the work of numerous British creators, reaches to each corner of this subject.


Outre - Volume 5: Desire - Dying For A Smoke


Dying for a Smoke
By Mick Schubert, Mike Century and Josh Jensen

Story one in this collection heads into orbit and an astronaut floating through space, but still dying to smoke a cigarette. As he floats alone, his mind skips through his life and he reminisces about moments experienced and missed.

A poignant and dream like story that looks gorgeous. The art has that realistic touch that reminded me of The Chimpanzee Complex from Cinebook.

You can find Mick Schubert on Twitter @Jeyradan, Mike Century at and Josh Jensen on Twitter @joshj81fl

Outre - Volume 5: Desire - Begierde Uberhaupt


Begierde Uberhaupt
Created by Derek Adnams, Adam Bryce Thomas and Brandon Bullock

This story takes a whole new stance on desire and focuses on the needs of a Techno Priest / Warrior style character. It mixes gore and mystical tripiness with some highly detailed Jodorowsky storytelling and Incal light artwork.

The action plays in contrast to the introspective narration. It is incredible violent with monsters, disembowelments, magic and swinging swords. This mingles with the slow autobiographical panels in a really interesting way. Superb stuff. The visuals have really inventive moments and it pulls off a small peek into a moment of action really intriguingly.

You can find Derek Adnams on Twitter @DAdnams, Adam Bryce Thomas @AdamBryceThomas and Brandon on


Outre - Volume 5: Desire - Better Health


Better Health
Created by Jonathan Clode, Bern Campbell and April Brown

A timid and hen-pecked office worker gets bashed up verbally, spiritually and physically at work and at home and decides to do some makeshift plastic surgery. Giving himself a staple induced make-over, he sets out to impress the world with rather unexpected and blood soaked results.

This is a crazy story with cartoon-like Ren and Stimpy style action (with the obviously added and detached bodily parts and sleazy undertones). It’s a shock to the system after the first couple of more (shall we say) deeper storylines. It’s no less successful and great Avatar Comics style comics fun.

You can find Jonathan Clode on Twitter @chode9mm, Bern Campbell @berniemagic and April @A__Brown


Outre - Volume 5: Desire - What the Heart Wants


What the Heart Wants
Created by Glenn Matchett, Alena Lane and E.T. Dollman

A spoilt medieval Prince cooks up a kooky plan to win the object of his desires. After fake fighting a monster and triumphing against a witch, he ends up with the object of his desire (see what I did there), only to discover that the grass is often greener on the other side of the palace.

This story is gorgeously crafted and has a Fables/Jack of Fables vibe to its story style and linework. It occurred to me that these interiors are of the sort of quality that you only wished were inside a Zenoscope comic. Rich, winkingly knowing and great fun.

You can find Glenn Matchett on Twitter @glenn_matchett, Alena Lane @Alena_Lane and Monsieur Dollman at

Another great anthology that plays superbly on its wide-ranging themes of Desire. You can find a copy at

Many thanks for reading.

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