Into the Crawl Hole, new indie horror comic released

Crawl Hole

The cover of the new Crawl Hole by Iain Laurie, coloured by Derek Dow.

Crawl Hole is a new horror comic by Craig Collins and Iain Laurie, and the spiritual cousin of sorts to the pair’s other project, Roachwell.

“It’s a collection of short surreal comedic horror strips, some of which you may have seen here and others that are completely new,” says Craig, “It includes work featured in New British Comics, Top Shelf Online (which was published in the US), Lazer Art Zine (Belgium) and Yuck! magazine (Australia).”

Craig  is a Glasgow based comic writer and occasional cartoonist. His work includes Roachwell, Haunted Bowels and Metrodome, while Iain  is an Edinburgh-based cartoonist and illustrator.

• A 16 page A5 colour cover, black and white comic Crawl Hole costs £2.00 plus p&p, and it’s available now from Craig’s web site

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