IS SHE AVAILABLE? project from Igor Goldkind combines comics, art and jazz



A ground-breaking new collection of Poetry, Illustration, Music and Movement by acclaimed comics and SF author Igor Goldkind featuring work by creators such as Bill SienkiewiczRian Hughes, David Lloyd, Liam Sharp and Glenn Fabry is being published by Chameleon Publishing in both electronic form and limited hard cover edition this April, 2015.

A live spoken word music tour in the UK is in the works this Autumn to promote IS SHE AVAILABLE?a great-looking collaboration between Igor Goldkind and 26 artists, sculptors and musicians from the world of Comics, Fantasy, Fine Art and Jazz. They include Rian Hughes, David Lloyd, Liam Sharp, Glenn Fabry, Shaky Kane, Lars Henkel, Mario Cavalli, DIX, Wendy Farrow and more.

The work features an original cover and illustrations by popularly acclaimed artist Bill Sienkiewicz (Elektra Assassin, Stray Toasters). World-renowned Jazz composer Gilad Atzmon, interprets Igor’s Spoken Word with an original Jazz music score.

Igor Goldkind – poet, storyteller, son of a fine arts painter and cultural anthropologist – is the eclectic individual with a universal voice and vision who has auteured and produced IS SHE AVAILABLE?

“The book is a contemporary Dante’s Inferno,” he explains,a journey through the confessional landscape of a masculine identity. Like the Inferno, it uses poetry to construct a narrative that embodies the states of being in our human progression through time.”

“Back in the 1980s, Igor Goldkind popularized the phrase ‘graphic novel’ with the media,” notes Bleeding Cool in its coverage of the project, “and found that gave them permission to cover the rather previously-considered rather childish medium of comic books.

“Now, Goldkind’s vision of what graphic novels could be, is returning, not with a comic, or a graphic novel, but something else – IS SHE AVAILABLE?, a book of poetry and comic strips, illustrated by some of the greatest and the good of those in comic books who he has known along the way. And which does something very new as well: transforming the medium.”


IS SHE AVAILABLE? - Art by Rian Hughes

Art on this spread by Rian Hughes


Eminent graphic designer, author, type face creator, and comics illustrator, Rian Hughes is the master designer for the cutting edge IS SHE AVAILABLE? a creator responsible for the distinctive looks of 2000AD, Crisis, Revolver, The Invisibles, Dan Dare and more.

The project has an impressive line up, including David Lloyd, these days best known as the publisher of the digital anthology Aces Weekly, the comics artist is best known as the illustrator of V for Vendetta, written by Alan Moore for Warrior. Through this story David popularised the ubiquitous anarchist Guy Fawkes mask used by Anonymous and Occupied protesters.

The intrepid comics illustrator, writer, publisher and co-founder of Madefire, Liam Sharp is well known for the Judge Dredd series, Death’s Head II, Bloodseed, Body Count, X-Men, Venom: The Mace, The Incredible Hulk, and many more.

Glenn “Sláine” Fabry, is an Eisner Award-winning comics artist known for his detailed, realistic work in both ink and painted colour.

The outrageous, incisive Michael Coulthard is best known for his work as a comics and graphic artist under the pseudonym Shaky Kane. Shaky’s style is influenced by Silver Age American comic books (especially the style of Jack Kirby), with a psychedelic twist.

Award winning illustrator, film maker, and lecturer, Lars Henkel has exhibited widely in the United States Canada, Asia, Africa and Europe. His unique sensibility and pungent vision adds a dimension of meaning bringing the words and emotions to life in Goldkind’s poetry.

Filmmaker, Artist, Photographer and Illustrator Mario Cavelli has directed dozens of prize-winning commercials for major international clients such as Martini, the Post Office, Compaq and the Olympics.

The artist, illustrator and cartoonist, DIX (Andy Dixon) is the creator of hundreds of cartoon strips for The Guardian newspaper and many illustrations, full-page comic shorts and political cartoons viewed widely. He drew the comic strip WROOM written by Igor for the British comic Crisis.

Digital artist Wendy Farrow uses layers of texture as visual metaphors for time and decay to create compelling organic images in a speculative realist mode. For IS SHE AVAILABLE? Farrow collaborates with Igor to create distinct and at the same time mystical realms of place and spirit.

Bill Sienkiewicz is an Eisner and Yellow Kid Award-winning artist and writer best known for his ground breaking, influential work, for Marvel Comics’ The New Mutants, Elektra: Assassin, and his highly acclaimed graphic novel Stray Toasters. Sienkiewicz pioneered the use of multimedia in comic books lending an avant-garde sensibility to the medium.

Political activist, writer, ex-Israeli, and Middle Eastern jazz virtuoso, Gilad Atzmon composed and performed along with a quintet of musicians who improvised, responding to Igor’s poetry and creating altogether new and evocative works of art. The IS SHE AVAILABLE? eBook contains 15 recordings with a CD to follow this spring.

IS SHE AVAILABLE? meshes popular genres such as comics with the arcanely avant garde in hardcover limited edition book coming out in March and an eBook available this month, which includes embedded audio recordings and animations merging digital media into a platform for new, illustrated Poetry.

The hardcover book will be officially published on 2nd June but will be in comics shops in May.

• IS SHE AVAILABLE? from Chameleon Publishing | iTunes | E-book ISBN: 978-1-60312-302-0 | Hard Cover Edition ISBN: 978-0-9862976-0-1

• A Windows version (GooglePlayer) will be available later this month followed by the Kindle 

• Official project web site:

• Igor Goldkind is online at


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