James Swallow pens new Space: 1999 and UFO novels

Anderson Entertainment are taking preorders for two all-new Space: 1999 and UFO novels by award-winning author James Swallow.

UFO - Shadow Play and Space: 1999 - The Armageddon Engine novels by James Swallow (Anderson Entertainment, 2024)

Debuting, appropriately, 13th September 2024 , Space: 1999 – The Armageddon Engine and UFO: Shadow Play are available to preorder now as Signed Limited Edition editions from Anderson Entertainment – both separately, and as a bundle.

London-based James Swallow is an award-winning, BAFTA-nominated scriptwriter, and a New York Times, Sunday Times and Amazon #1 bestselling author of over 60 novels. He is the creator of the Marc Dane action thriller series, and has written for franchises such as Star Trek, Doctor Who, Tom Clancy, Marvel and several high-profile videogames. 

He recently wrote a couple of comic strips for the 60th anniversary celebration of Stingray, the undersea adventure show created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, and now, as part of a new series of officially-licenced tie-in fiction, he’s written The Armageddon Engine and Shadow Play, all-new stories based on his two favourite Anderson shows Space: 1999 and UFO.

It’s been a real thrill to be invited to create new stories in those worlds,” James says.

“I’ve done my best to make these two stories feel as true to the source material as possible, and I hope readers and fans will enjoy them as much as I writing them!”

Space: 1999 - The Armageddon Engine novel by James Swallow (Anderson Entertainment, 2024)

In The Armageddon Engine, adrift in deep space, Commander John Koenig and the people of Moonbase Alpha face an uncertain fate, while in Shadow Play, the last line of defence in a war, SHADO, is all that stands between Earth and an alien threat – and leading that fight is the uncompromising Ed Straker, commanding Earth’s defenders around the clock. 

But after an experiment goes wrong, Straker faces danger from within and without his organisation…

UFO - Shadow Play novel by James Swallow (Anderson Entertainment, 2024)

Shadow Play and The Armageddon Engine will initially be released on 13th September 2024 in limited-edition hardcover and paperback editions, and Anderson Entertainment hope to produce eBook and audiobook versions to follow in the near future.

Both novels are available for pre-order from the official Gerry Anderson shop now

Find James Swallow online at jswallow.com

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