Jinty Comic site launched

Jinty Issue One - 1974

Inspired by the UK Girls Comics Index and by the Tammy Project, writer Jenni Scott has launched a dedicated reference site devoted to the girls comic Jinty, published by  IPC/Fleetway.

It’s good to see this area of British comics getting much deserved exposure and I hope you’ll pop over and give Jenni your support.

“It’s an ongoing work,” says Jenni, “aiming to provide a general guideline to the contents of these comics. Eventually you should be able to see listings of the contents of a specific issue, look up a particular story, or get lists of the stories a specific creator worked on.

“This is done in my free time and subject to vagaries and delays, but the aim initially is to have a weekly update schedule (to motivate me to keep working on it steadily).”

As with other similar sites, this Jinty site is a non-profit fan site, and copyright is held by Egmont.

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