Catching Up with Old Friends

Dropped in Lancaster’s John O’Gaunt on Market Street for lunch. They do something called a “late breakfast”. How late can a late breakfast be? Whatever. One of Lancaster’s few remaining decent pubs — it’s not tied to any brewery and so has a varied range of beers, whiskys etc. It’s also renowned for jazz, folk and other live music and the bogs have some great cartoons on the walls.

Been catching up with some old comics friends recently — Dave Gibbons, Richard Starkings, Lew Stringer. We all got our break into comics at more or less the same time back in the 1980s and have been sort or reminsicing about old comic marts and drinking sessions. I suspect it’s all a ploy for a major beer session at the British Comics Festival in Bristol, in May.

Like I’m going to fall for that old trick…

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