A Busy Week: Dick Turtle, RAF Magazine and More

RAF Magazine Issue One - CoverIt’s a weird life. This week has been a mix of hassling freelancers for copy and me being hassled for copy — one of those deadline crunch weeks. Beyblade Comic was Monday, Dick Turtle for Lucky Bag Comic was Wednesday, then there was the ever-expanding Titan website (magazines this week) to update. New Alias Magazine on sale in the US and some new projects to create approvals pages for. All this on top of trying to get the first issue of RAF Magazine into the Titan studio. Still, plenty of interest in it from several quarters, which is encouraging after what seems like years — and probably is — of it being prepared for launch.

On top of that there’s some mobile phone content I’ve been working on for Fonedream, a white label content company run by my old friend Graham Baines. Been a load of images to source for their colour backgrounds, and dealing with the picture libraries that supply them.

I’m also enjoying the distraction of discovering some of the blogs on 20Six — anyone who’s found time to read this will have realised I’m new to this. The Blackrat bloke’s just published some brilliant pictures from Iraq and some fascinating observations on the situation there. All a far cry from writing about spacefaring turtles and beyblading teenagers…

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