Judge Dredd Animated Series Proof of Concept Tests surface

Please note, this post has been updated, noting Studio AxIA’s statement about the material. Last Updated Wednesday 17th June 2020

Judge Dredd Animated Series - Proof of Concept

We’ve just had attention drawn to some Judge Dredd Animated Series Proof of Concept tests, which were produced last year by Studio AiXA and posted online by Spanish animation artist Joan Cabot.

Originally listed simply as “Proof of Concept sequence for a potential CGI Judge Dredd Animated Series”, the work had been uploaded by Joan Cabot, Principal Previs Artist at Activision Blizzard who worked as Director of camera and lighting on the sequences at Studio AiXA.

However, since their discovery, these videos have now been removed from public display.

In a statement, Studio AiXA said the Proof of Concept was created internally by Studio AiXA to showcase the art style and to test the technology used to produce it.

Judge Dredd Animated Series - Proof of Concept

“It was conceived as an homage to Akira, in its 30th Anniversary. A humble CG “Remake” of the famous bike chase sequence,” the company states.

“It was shared with Rebellion in order to start a conversation about an animated series. Although they liked the test and the conversation started, Rebellion had nothing to do with the creation of this animated clip.”

Founded in 2015 by film and videogame industry professionals with extensive experience in Hollywood animated feature films and AAA videogames, Studio AiXA, which is based in Palma, Spain, specialises in layout and previs for animated films, TV shows or videogame cinematics.

The company’s web site states they produce visually appealing previs reels for internal production or polished Pitch-vis reels to present a show pilot or teaser to investors.

Well, they’ve certainly pitched this to us!

UPDATE: downthetubes reader Wullie Russell alerts us to the work of Robert Gray of the Facebook Judge Dredd group who previously unearthed these images. “Robert spends many hours every week searching Art Station, Vimeo, Instagram and Twitter for material like this,” Wullie tells us.

“Nobody would ever have known of this video without his diligence and resourcefulness,” he feels. So noted – as is a comment within the post from former Mega-City One TV show producer Brian Jenkins confirming Rebellion were aware of the animation studio’s efforts, in reply to Robert’s original post..

Judge Dredd Animated Series Proof of Concept - Brian Jenkins

Video by Joan Cabot – VimeoWeb | Studio AiXA | Rebellion Productions

Judge Dredd © and TM Rebellion

With thanks to Danny Pearson for spotting these

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7 replies

  1. Now that was a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing John.

  2. After doing one of my big judge Dredd searches last night for animations + 3d work i found this and posted it on the Judge Dredd fan page early this morning with all the links . its nice to see it being picked up by other groups to share online . Thanks for sharing this for me there is more info in the post if you wish to use this as well https://www.facebook.com/groups/judgedreddfangroup/permalink/1880916038717388/

  3. Respect John
    Thanks for sharing all this info.
    The community was certainly “buzzing” this morning

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