“Judge Minty” film team announce “Strontium Dog” fan project

The team behind the brilliant Judge Minty fan film (above) have announced that they are now working on a Strontium Dog not-for-profit project.

First created for Starlord comic by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra in 1978, Strontium Dog became part of the world of 2000AD when the two titles merged and over on the 2000AD Forum,  Judge Minty Director of Photography and Digital ImagerySteve Green said John Wagner asked the team if they would do a Strontium Dog film at last year’s lakes International Comic Art Festival.

Wagner gave his public support to Judge Minty from the outset, which is good news for the team on this new film, which will be based on the work of Carlos Ezquerra, John Wagner and Alan Grant.

Strontium Dog Fan Film Promotional Image

“We will attempt to create a ‘taster’ for Strontium Dog,” the producers reveal, “based on an abridged, but coherent story, hopefully allowing us to cherry pick a selection of iconic moments.”


Post by Strontium Dog Fan Film on Facebook. This is a quick digital test. “It’s fairly easy to track something over a face,” the team note, “even without any markers, you can then photoshop the original and it will stick to the footage – so removing eyes etc is quite straightforward. The lighting isn’t quite right where heads turn etc, but it’s also an option for tidying up prosthetics in post production.”

On the project’s Facebook page, which includes early test digital work, the team caution, that they were wary of announcing their plans for Strontium Dog, conscious how long these endeavours can take – Judge Minty took four years to complete, after all. But the amount of support and help the team received, once they had announced it, was essential to the success of the project, and the team are hoping for similar support. At present, for example, they are on the hunt for locations such as a desert, sand dunes, a traditional gentleman’s study or office and a military-type, industrial-looking compound.

“Whilst making Minty, Steve Green, Dan and myself discussed the possibilities of what we could do with other characters like Rogue Trooper and Strontium Dog,” director and co-writer Steven Sterlacchini told Steve Hargett after Judge Minty, the Long Walk-inspired film was released. “I think we’d be interesting in having a go at something, but it would be on a much smaller scale, which could be turned around in a month or so. When producing Minty, the fact that we tried to create a film with a narrative made it a lot more ambitious and difficult. We had to sacrifice concentrating on cool looking imagery, in favour of more simplistic shots which helped progress the story.

Judge Minty, which starred Edmund Dehn as the film’s central character and featured artist Greg Staples as Judge Dredd, led to the creation of Planet Replicas who market official reproductions of Judge Dredd uniforms, badges and weapons – suggesting some Strontium Dog replicas may also be in the works.

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