Kim Newman’s Anno Dracula Issue #1 – Extended Art Preview Unearthed!

Anno Dracula Issue #1 Cover A - Paul McCaffrey

Anno Dracula Issue #1 Cover A by Paul McCaffrey

Titan Comics has just revealed the covers and an extended art preview from Anno Dracula #1 – an all-new comic mini-series based on the best selling Anno Dracula novels, written by creator Kim Newman with art by Paul McCaffrey, coloured by Kevin Enhart.

The Anno Dracula series depict an alternate 19th-century history where the characters of Bram Stoker’s Dracula fail to prevent Count Dracula’s subjugation of Great Britain, creating a world where vampires are living amongst humans and a central part of society. Sub-titled 1895: Seven Days of Mayhem, it’s an all-new story, set mostly in London between the first two novels (Anno Dracula and The Bloody Red Baron).

Kim Newman is an English journalist, film critic, and fiction writer. Recurring interests visible in his work include film history and horror fiction – both of which he attributes to seeing Tod Browning’s Dracula at the age of eleven – and alternate fictional versions of history. He has won the Bram Stoker Award, the International Horror Guild Award, and the BSFA award.

Paul McCaffrey is a well-established comic strip artist and illustrator whose credits include strip work for DC Comics, and IDW, and who has drawn many strips for numerous independent comic titles in the UK including Omnivistascope, Murky Depths and Solar Wind.

His illustration work has appeared in title such as NME, Vox, Empire, The Spectator and more.

Titan Comics’ brand-new Anno Dracula #1 comes with five spectacular variant covers to collect from top industry artists including series artist Paul McCaffrey, Tom Mandrake (The Mummy), Brian Williamson (The New Avengers), Jeff Zornow (Halloween), and Mike Collins (Batman, Doctor Who).

Anno Dracula #1 hits comic stores and digital platforms on 22nd March 2017 and is available to order from Diamond PREVIEWS now

• Kim Newman’s official site:

• Check out Paul’s work at | Read our 2010 interview with Paul

Kim Newman's Anno Dracula Issue #1 Cover B - Tom Mandrake

Anno Dracula Issue #1 Cover B by Tom Mandrake

Writer: Kim Newman
Artist: Paul McCaffrey
FC • 32pp • $3.99 On sale: March 22, 2017

  1. Prince Dracula has ruled Great Britain for ten years, spreading vampirism through every level of society. On the eve of Dracula’s Jubilee, radical forces gather to oppose the tyrant. Kate Reed, vampire journalist and free-thinker, takes a seat on the revolutionary Council of Seven Days, though she learns that the anarchist group harbors a traitor in its midst. The Grey Men, Dracula’s dreaded secret police, have been ordered to quash all resistance to the rule of the arch-vampire. With intrigue on all sides, the scene is set for an explosive addition to the Anno Dracula series.

COVER A: PAUL MCCAFFREY (Order code: JAN171977)

COVER B: TOM MANDRAKE (Order code: JAN171978)

Kim Newman's Anno Dracula Issue #1 Cover C - Brian Williamson

Kim Newman’s Anno Dracula Issue #1 Cover C by Brian Williamson


Kim Newman's Anno Dracula Issue #1 Cover D - Jeff Zornow

Anno Dracula Issue #1 Cover D by Jeff Zornow

COVER D: JEFF ZORNOW (Order code: JAN171980)

Kim Newman's Anno Dracula Issue #1 Cover E - Mike Collins

Anno Dracula Issue #1 Cover E by Mike Collins

COVER E: MIKE COLLINS (Order code: JAN171981)

Kim Newman's Anno Dracula Issue #1 Preview 1

Kim Newman's Anno Dracula Issue #1 Preview 2

Kim Newman's Anno Dracula Issue #1 Preview 3

Kim Newman's Anno Dracula Issue #1 Preview 4

Kim Newman's Anno Dracula Issue #1 Preview 5

Kim Newman's Anno Dracula Issue #1 Preview 6

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