Last few days to back a bumper comics collection from Madius Comics, collecting “Papercuts and Inkstains” – in colour

Papercuts and Inkstains Collected -Cover

Art by Mike Smith/Colours by Alexa Renee

There are just a few more days to go to back the Kickstarter appeal for Paperbacks and Inkstains – The Collected Papercuts and Inkstains from Madius Comics, a 200 page-plus book of strips we’ve enthused about here on downthetubes – but this time out, published in colour, edited by Rob Jones and Mike Sambrook.

The Madius Comics team are hoping to raise £4000 to fund the book’s production, collecting strips by Dan Butcher, Kevin Pospisil,
Stephen Weafer, Nick Gonzo, Rory Donald, Jim Lavery, Angela Sprecher, Rosie Packwood, Brian Burke, Paul Moore, Bob Turner, Darren Smith, Mike SmithDarren Stephens and Ceri Hanvey.

The strips that will feature are being coloured by Nick Gonzo, Angela Sprecher, Rosie Packwood, Rory Donald, Darren Smith, Jim Lavery and Bob Turner.

The appeal comes hot on the heels of the hugely successful Griff Gristle campaign, and is easily the biggest thing the Madius Comics team have ever attempted .

Papercuts and Inkstains Collected - Art“Whether you’ve been a longtime fan of Madius Comics or are completely new to all things orange, this is the Kickstarter is for you,” enthuses editor and publisher Rob Jones.

Papercuts and Inkstains has been a brightly shining beacon of silliness, stupidity and Madius’ flagship comic for the past two years. Pipedream Comics calls it “a fantastic showcase for some of the most exciting talent on the UK scene” and our very own Tony Esmond has praised some of the excellent short stories published.

Rob Jones and Mike Sambrook, aided occasionally by Dr The Nick Gonzo, have put together this plan for a heaving behemoth of a book, containing just about every genre and every kind of story imaginable. Covering everything from westerns, sci fi and horror right through to fantasy, nostalgia and everything in between. The Collected Papercuts and Inkstains will also feature yarns that run for multiple shorts to tales that are entirely self contained, this collection has it all.

If you’ve already bought Papercuts and Inkstains you’ll want this because this colour edition enhances the original strips in a way, Rob insists, will “melt all resistance from your soul.

“Give in to it, you know it makes sense,” he urges.

If you haven’t read Papercuts and Inkstains before, then what better way to dive into a new comics experience than with a 200 page bumper collection. Go on – you know it makes sense!

Back the The Collected Papercuts and Inkstains here

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