Latest SHIFT on sale now, ramping up the action as “Kora” heads to a pulse-pounding finale!

SHIT #9 - Cover by Hal Laren

The latest issue of GetMyComics anthology comic magazine, SHIFT, is in newsagents now, released under the Shift Publishing imprint, offering ongoing stories in pulse-pounding new episodes – “To The Death“, “Shifter“, “Soulwind“, “Crucible” – and the penultimate part of “Kora“, by Chris Geary.

This 84-page issue comes with a striking new cover by Hal Laren, featuring Kora and Killatoa, the latter featuring in this issue’s newsprint pull out.

Don’t forget that Shift Publishing are also currently crowdfunding their first SHIFT Winter Special, and there’s still time to back it.

This 128-page Special, which has already hit its target, features a brand “To The Death” story, by the reunited Dragon’s Claws (Marvel UK) team. Simon Furman and Geoff Senior are joined on the new tale by colourist Steve White and the godfather of the speech bubble, Richard Starkings.

Simon also teams up Barry Kitson for an all-new Sci-fi epic, “Bring The Rayne“, which will feature some of Barry’s finest art in his long and illustrious career.

The SHIFT Winter Special will be released through stores as normal but GMC have also brought it to Kickstarter to engage a new audience, where you can get a Kickstarter exclusive variant cover by Barry Kitson and original art pages and commissions from creators such as Geoff Senior, Barry Kitson, Ian Stopforth, to name just a few.

In SHIFT #9…

KORA by Chris Geary

Crashing on an alien world, winning the hearts of the indigenous species, being captured by her own kind, and escaping – all in a day’s work for Kora. Kora was hunted down and captured by past acquaintances – breaking free, she and her allies plan to strike back – in this, the penultimate episode of the amazing epic.

SHIFT #9 - Kora

CRUCIBLE: BEGINNINGS by John Freeman and Smuzz, lettered by Jim Campbell

On Shaarn, the lines between magic and science merge, and much is not as it seems. In pursuit of a mysterious artefact, a party of Expeditioners find themselves in a strange underground world – and under attack!

SHIFT #9 - Crucible

SHIFTER Created by Skip Brittenham and Brian Habenn

Surviving an attempt on his life, when he was pushed off a waterfall by two men pretending to be lost hikers, Noah Freeman has stumbled on a hidden alien presence – one which lets him interface with a number of ‘catalogued’ animals. Taking control of a human is more complicated, but gaining a mutual understanding Noah begins to investigate the reasons for someone wanting him out of the way and framing him for the murder of his boss.

SHIFT #9 - Shifter

SOULWIND Created by Scott Morse

SOULWIND is a tale of ancient myth, classic fairy tales, modern pulp and futuristic adventure with an incredible heart The hero has arrived and he’s just a boy – Captain Crash! Losing his robotic colleague in an attack, he and Poke escape and find the chip the aliens were after. .. before Poke is captured! Meanwhile, the mysterious Noir finds out more about Soulwind.

SHIFT #9 - Soulwind

TO THE DEATH by Simon Furman and Geoff Senior

Following his second five-year tour of duty, fighting off-world at the behest “ of the Tri-Corp, Aleksy Dryagin returns to Earth – but his homecoming is forestalled by the Triumvirate, who fear his popularity Dryagin and his ‘Scourge’ Pacifier squadron have quelled an uprising at a mining colony on the moon. And now, one of his own turns against him – Kraken has his own plans and wipes out the colonists and is
ready to take down Dryagin when Leone steps in – giving him Dryagin a fighting chance…

SHIFT #9 - To the Death

KILLAT0A VOLUME TWO – PART THREE Created by Simon Furman and Geoff Senior

Continuing an all new, never before seen adventure for the aquatic alien menace Killatoa – in the ongoing news strip series “published” in the broadsheet insert The Killatoa Express! (This story takes place after “To The Death” and future issues feature mild spoilers – read at your peril!)

• SHIFT #9 is on sale now in newsagents across the UK, including WH Smith – or order it direct from GetMyComics via


Writers: Chris Geary, Simon Furman, Brian Haberlin, Scott Morse, John Freeman

Artists: Hal Laren (Cover), Chris Geary, Geoff Senior, Scott Morse, Smuzz


Shift Publishing

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