Lucille Clerc’s take on Jungle Book offered as new print

Print Club London is offering a stunning new, limited edition Jungle Book-inspired screen print, Jungle Book – Aqua Green by illustrator Lucille Clerc.

A French, London-based Illustrator, Lucille has a studio in East London, set up after graduating from Central Saint Martins. She works mainly within the field of editorial design and illustration, occasionally also realising interior and exhibition spaces.

Her work is mainly handcrafted from drawing to printing and recent clients include projects for Magma bookstore, Laurence King Publishers, St James’s Correspondent, The Loop, Metropolitan Eurostar magazine, Fortnum&Mason, Farrow&Ball, Diamond architects and David Kohn architects.

After the success of her sell-out Blisters print inspired by The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, now enjoying attention through the Mowgli project recently launched on Netflix, Lucille has re-editioned the sought after piece – but this time in an aqua green.

The Jungle Book was one my first experiences of science fiction as a child,” says Lucille. “This whole different world with its own rules and laws, where animals speak and where all adventures are possible has been a great source of inspiration.

“Growing up I found in its pages lots of answers about Nature and our obsession to domesticate, about our own species and our capacity to imagine and communicate. Who hasn’t dreamt of being able to understand the animals language? About knowing who we are, humans amongst other humans, animals amongst other animals. About friendship and adoption, about the idea of a family, multiple and recomposed, a group, a pack, creating bonds that go beyond blood ties.?

“There are so many levels of interpretation, it’s the kind of book you can read at different stages of your life and always find something that will speak to you.”

“The illustration is also a tribute to another tale, Town Musicians of Bremen by the Brother Grimm, where a donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster all abandoned by their masters start a new life as musicians and dispatch the town thieves by scaring them, standing on each other’s back. Here these iconic characters can be seen as Nature alerting us humans about Its future and claiming Its rights.”

Based in Dalston, Print Club London offers a wide range of prints by a many artists.

You can buy the print here on the Print Club London web site

• Lucille is online at | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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