“Luck of the Legion” in the spotlight in new Eagle Times

Eagle Times Volume 32 No 4

The Winter Eagle Times (Volume 32 No. 4) is out now and contains a range of articles about the classic British weekly comic, which celebrates its 70th anniversary next year.

Eagle Times Volume 32 No 4

There are two stand out items for me: David Britton‘s tantalising feature on a lost “Luck of the Legion” story for Eagle, which offers some snapshots of the plot from writer Geoffrey Bond; and Steve Winders insightful look at the Eagle tale by Chad Varah about Saint Patrick, drawn by Norman Williams.

Reading between the lines, I get the impression Steve may have conducted as much research into the source material behind this story, published back in 1951, as Chad Varah did writing the script.

It’s an excellent overview, although it does rather sadden me, as it reminds me of how, in my view, Titan Books dropped the ball in terms of marketing their Eagle collections of these non Dan Dare strips, rejecting my editorial proposals for the series, which included soliciting input from religious figures. I felt that would up the collections appeal to specialist distributors, but the editorial management of the day seemed concerned by taking this route and over ruled the suggestions. Sadly, sales of their edition of The Road of Courage were not as hoped and the series was curtailed.

But I digress. Here’s the full Eagle Times Volume 32 Issue Four line-up…

  • Luck of the Legion and the Phantom Story by David Britton. A planned story about the Foreign Legionnaire that was never published
  • Pop Goes The EAGLE by Will Grenham. A look at pop music in Eagle
  • Patrick – Fighter for Truth” by Steve Winders. An examination of Eagle‘s back page strip from 1951
  • Eagle‘s Annuals by Joe Hoole. The first of a three part series
  • Sergeant Luck’s Christmas Quiz
  • Charles Chilton and the Indian Wars Part Seven by David Britton. A look at the “Riders of the Range” story, “The Cochise Affair”
  • The Case of the Counterfeit Constable by Steve Winders. The final part of Steve’s Archie Berkeley-Willoughby story about art forgery
  • In and Out of the Eagle (40) by Jim Duckett. This edition focuses on Harris Tweed
  • Tailpieces by David Britton
  • Postbag: Readers’ Letters

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