British Comics YouTube Channel “Blast Process” taken out by Hackers

YouTube LogoSome rotten news from British vLogger Neil Kenny, who is one of the one of the small but dedicated team who produced videos and ran the “Blast Process” YouTube channel.

Over eight years, videos on the channel included interviews with the creators of the Judge Dredd RPG Game, Ian Kennedy, Lorenzo Etherington (one of Neil’s personal favourites) – and they filmed many artists sketching.

Sadly, the Channel has been hacked and in response YouTube have taken the channel down.

“We have no idea when or even if it will be restored,” says Neil, “So the real likelihood is that nearly all the content is now lost. As we operate from many individual contributors it is all very fragmented.

“This most likely also includes Lawgivers/Lawless coverage including the Carlos Ezquerra tribute area.”

Neil told downthetubes they are trying to get the Channel back but for now they just want to get the message out as to why Blast Process has disappeared from YouTube.

• If you can help recover material on the Channel, or were a contributor who may have material Neil doesn’t, please drop Neil Kenny a line via Facebook

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  1. That really is bad news 🙁

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