Madefire comics part of Apple TV revamp, gets launch slot in new App Store

Madefire on Apple TV

International computer giant Apple – the makers of iPads, iPones and more – has  just announced an App Store for its new Apple TV 4, and its launch partners not only include a lot of games, content readers and video viewers – but a Madefire app to bring comics to your screens… the only digital comics app available with the initial launch.

Naturally, this is a huge deal for Madefire, as the only comics app on the new App Store at launch, a company  was founded by artist Liam SharpBen Wolstenholme and Eugene Walden.

Apple TV gives you access to the biggest names in entertainment, in up to 1080p HD. You just plug it in and enjoy a whole world of films, TV programmes, sport, music and more. And you can show anything that’s on your iOS device or Mac on your HDTV with AirPlay.

The Apple TV App Store will let users download experiences like games and video content apps to the set-top box and play them on their television. Developer tools will be available to help app makers build these experiences, and TechCrunch reports evelopers will be able to release Universal Apps that run on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

If users are playing a game on their iPad, they can switch it up onto their Apple TV with ease.

Apple Music will also be available through Apple TV, along with Madefire comics, the 3D space combat game Galaxy On Fire,  Rayman Adventures, a Disney Infinity (Star Wars) Starfighter game, Guitar Hero, fitness , shopping and sports viewers.

“We’re thrilled to be the first and only books on Apple TV at launch,” Ben Wolstenholme, Madefires’s CEO told downthetubes, “with Madefire’s Motion Books setting the industry standard.”

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