Marvel UK revival continues: Revolutionary War #2 – Dark Angel Preview

Revolutionary War #2 Dark Angel

Revolutionary War #2 – or rather, Dark Angel #1, since that’s how Marvel Comics is describing it – is on sale now in all good comic shops, and here are some preview pages from the issue.

(Warning: if you haven’t read Revolutionary War: Alpha, then you should avoid reading the recap page!)

The story, written by Kieron Gillen, continues the eight issue limited series that revives many of the Marvel UK characters from the early 1990s in an all-new story that was conceived by Andy Lanning and Alan Cowsill.

The issue’s art is by Dietrich Smith and Ruth Redmond, coloured by Ruth Redmond, lettered by VC – Clayton Cowles and wrapped in a cover by Mark Brooks.

When Shevaun Haldane experiences a troubling vision in Darkmoor Castle, she realizes danger may be coming for the heroes of Marvel UK. With time running out, she has no choice but to suit up as Dark Angel once again, in an adventure that will take fans through the past, present, and future of Marvel UK.

“It’s a one-shot which is part of the larger Revolutionary War event, which is basically a revival of the 1990s Marvel UK comics,” says Kieron of the issue. “I wrote it both as part of that, but mainly as its own stand alone story feature Dark Angel. In other words, no, you don’t need to know anything about Dark Angel. This is me, channelling my inner Pat Mills in 2000AD pop satire mode, though with a lot of ow ennui slathered over the top.

“It’s basically an Austerity era superhero comic. Dietrich Smith on art and Ruth Redmond (with her first work for Marvel – I think you’ll like her stuff. Very distinctive choices.)”

Revolutionary War Part Two: Dark Angel #1
Writer: Kieron Gillen
Art: Dietrich Smith
Cover: Mark Brooks
Variant Cover: Salvador Larocca
On Sale: 15th January 2014

Revolutionary War #2 Dark Angel Preview Page 1

Revolutionary War #2 Dark Angel Preview Page 2

Revolutionary War #2 Dark Angel Preview Page 3

Revolutionary War #2 Dark Angel Preview Page 4

Revolutionary War #2 Dark Angel Preview Page 5Art © Marvel Comics. Dark Angel was originally created by Paul Neary & Bernie Jaye for Marvel UK.


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