Micro Machines back in action thanks to Jazwares and Hasbro partnership

Jazwares and Hasbro have teamed up to relaunch a new line of Micro Machines toys, including brand new play sets and vehicles.

Micro Machines 2021

Available now at Target and Walmart stores in the US and here in the UK through Target’s International Web Store, the deal brings Micro Machines back to life for the first time in more than 10 years.

Among the returning toys is a new version of Super Van City, which features an entire miniature metropolis that can fold up to create an Airstream-inspired motorhome. Super Van City includes a working bridge, construction site, high rise building, drag strip, tons of ramps and the ability to connect to other play sets.

Micro Machines 2021 - Super Van City
Micro Machines 2021 - Super Van City

“Micro Machines is one of those collectible lines forever etched in pop culture and the minds of adults who adored them as kids,” says Jeremy Padawer, executive vice president and partner, Jazwares.

“Not only will fans of the original Micro Machines love the updated collection, but now they’ll have the chance to introduce this iconic brand to their own kids as they connect and collect their Micro Machine universe together.”

New collections can be purchase as an assortment of vehicle packs, including blind packs and world-building sets. Vehicles at launch include Micro Machines Single Blind Packs, Micro Machines Starter Pack and Micro Machines World Packs featuring five highly detailed vehicles and a corresponding Micro City scene that allows you to play or display your vehicles.

The line also includes new core play sets each featuring an exclusive vehicle that will enable fans to build out a connected world. 

“Our collaboration with Jazwares to relaunch such an iconic vehicle property in Micro Machines is driven by our common mission for kids to think big and play small,” adds Casey Collins, general manager and senior vice president, global consumer products, Hasbro.

“Together we want to encourage kids to immerse themselves in a world of vehicle play and collect amongst an expansive diverse set of themed vehicles and play sets. Couldn’t be more excited to see this come to life globally.”

Check out the new Micro Machines here on the Target International Store

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