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Read Yourself Raw reports that Alan Moore discusses the new League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen book The Black Dossier at Wizard

Talking of Moores, folk may enjoy Leah Moore’s scathing review of their hotel accommodation in Lancaster, posted on Virtual-Lancaster.

I’m happy to say (although not happy for Leah and John Reppion, obviously, they could have had a better time staying at Fawlty Towers) that no-one else who stayed at other Lancaster guest houses had such problems.

The poor experience thankfully hasn’t put Leah or John Reppion off Lancaster, thank goodness. “On the contrary we were totally charmed by Lancaster and felt right at home there from the minute we set foot, weirdly enough,” she told me, “as we always bemoan feeling like aliens wherever we go for conventions.”

Leah and John’s Albion is heading for trade paperback soon and having now had the chance to read the entire run — the trade paperback won’t include Dave Gibbons’ covers, apparently — I have to say i really enjoyed it. Lots of visual gags and taken as an “opening act” of a relanch for the IPC characters, it works very well. It’s just a shame the book ran late, which must have affected sales.

John says Wildstorm are just waiting to see what the TPB sales are like before committing to more of the Albion saga. Fingers crossed.

(Dave Gibbons told me a while back that sales weren’t high enough on Thunderbolt Jaxon to justify further books, but the door isn’t closed on him poropsing new books featuring IPC characters — when he gets time!)

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