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Stockbridge – an English village created for the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip – will feature in a new trilogy of audio adventures from Big Finish.

To date, Stockbridge has featured in the strips The Tides of Time, The Stockbridge Horror, and Stars Fell on Stockbridge in the 1980s, and, more recently, The Stockbridge Child.

“The three stories in our ‘Stockbridge trilogy’ are set in the past, present and future of the village,” reveals Script Editor Alan Barnes in the latest issue of DWM of the new audio adventures. “They’re all very different.

“October’s Castle of Fear, set in the Middle Ages, is a galumphing historical adventure,” he revealed, “with, hopefully, a very surprising twist.

“Jonny Morris’s The Eternal Summer, released in November, is a weird Sapphire and Steel-y sort of affair featuring mad UFO spotter Max Edison, and Mark Morris’s Village of the Damned, released in December, is a full blooded horror-ish sort of thing, with sinister ravens and zombie cricketers!”

All three adventures star Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor and companion Nyssa, played by Sarah Sutton.

“I loved the idea that the Fifth Doctor would make his home from home in a pretty English village, and that weird stuff would keep on happening there,” says Barnes.

The idea of the Doctor having a home, or homes, beyond the TARDIS has been used several times in comics: the Third Doctor had his own cottage in the Countdown stories, while Andrew Cartmel gave the Seventh Doctor at least one spooky house in stories he penned for the comic in the 1990s, initially realized by artist Arthur Ranson.

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