New Crikey! special available

(Updated 27/8/11): The popular Crikey! fanzine (which takes a nostalgic look at classic British comics) may no longer be available as a print publication but the editors have just released a new special (comprising over 100 pages) which is available to buy on disc at the Crikey! website and via download on

Whilst purists might bemoan the demise of the old magazine format, it’s a sign of the times that the Crikey! team have gone down this route and printed or not, the new special is absolutely crammed with material and is arguably Crikey!‘s strongest offering yet.

Articles include a look at the Eagle photo-stories of the 1980s, an overview of the often-overlooked DC Thomsom comic Sparky, the Marvel UK Action Force comic, Death’s Head remembered, the short lived IPC publication Supernaturals, the British Invasion of DC Comics, a Planet of the Apes mystery from the 1970s, a Bryan and Mary Talbot interview, a look back at Whoopee! and, as they say, much much more.

The Crikey! editors Glenn Fleming and Tony Ingram deserve credit for soldiering on in difficult financial times so please give them your support!

• Order the new digital Crikey! from; or send £5.00 via PayPal to; or buy it via for £2.99

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