New UK Comics Auction Opens

The Summer 2008 auction at comics auction site Compalcomics ( is now open, with another great range of both British and US items on offer.

There are over 300 lots in this catalogue. DC Thomson’s The Broons are once again the stars of this auction with their No. 1 Book from 1940 (right) and given the relatively high grade of the item, it’s expected to sell for some £3000 or more.

Several early 1940s Christmas issues of Beano and Dandy are also offered, plus many complete years from the 1960s to the 1980s as well and these can be safely considered for the future as grades are high. From this same era are full runs of Lion, SMASH! and WHAM! along with every 1950s Girl comic, where lot 131 includes the free gift Girl Sun-Visor in yellow – this summer’s must-have accessory. (Although I’ll probably stick to a Bud-Visor).

Sexton Blake leads the bound volume collection along with a strong run of Union Jack, also showcasing his detective stories. Highlighted other titles are The Thriller, Schoolgirls’ Own, Champion, Triumph, Ranger, Radio Fun and Film Fun. There’s also a key Gem Library half-year volume from 1939 containing the rare Biggles South Sea Adventure story in 10 complete episodes (Lot 22).

Some of the issues of the Lion in the auction are actually from the collection of Captain Condor creator Frank S Pepper, with ‘Pepper’ pencilled to the cover of many issues. Incredibly, it seems even the great man had to order his own copy from the local newsagent!

Artwork on offer includes Desperate Dan and Oor Wullie, The Daleks from TV Century 21, Lord Snooty, Tommy Cooper, Dan Dare, The Galloping Glory Boys, Rupert, Frankie Stein, Clever Dick, The Spider and Don Lawrence’s rare front cover board for The Trigan Empire. There’s also an original cover for Lion (26 June 1965) featuring The Spider by Geoff Campion – perhaps one of the first appearances of the character?

The US section reflects the recent blockbuster Iron Man movie with Tales Of Suspense 39 and, of course, Issue 1. Also included are The Amazing Spider-Man #3 #28 and #129. There are high grade Golden Age Detective Comics, Flash, Sensation and Superboy titles and many 1970s issues of The Avengers, Captain America, X-Men and Green Lantern.

Compalcomics holds four auctions a year. Results of most auctions are posted online two weeks after the closing date.

• Bids will be accepted until Tuesday 3 June at 8.00pm GMT.To go directly to the main page for the catalogue, click here: If you have a question about any of the items in the catalogue, please send an email to Compalcomics director Malcolm Phillips at

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  1. Frank Pepper was actually the creator/writer of Captain Condor (and many other Lion characters including Roy Race); he was never the artist.

    – Phil Rushton

  2. Thanks Phil — corrected. D’oh!

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