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Revolutionary War #7 - Warheads Cover

Marvel has released a preview of Warheads #1, the penultimate episode of its eight-part Marvel UK-inspired series Revolutionary War.

This issue features stunning art from Gary Erskine, the original artist on Warheads, whose designs for the characters had a huge impact on fans. Although he only drew two issues of the original series, with Geoff Senior, Dave Taylor, Simon Coleby, Stuart Jennett and Charlie Adlard all drawing later Warheads stories, it’s Gary’s work that is most associated with the time-travelling, space and dimension mercenaries who originally worked for the villainous Mys-TECH.

Created in 1991, the Warheads series premise predates the Stargate film and TV show with which it has been compared since. In fact, it was in part inspired by Marvel UK editor in chief Paul Neary’s admiration for Frederick Pohl’s SF saga Gateway. Neary however, working with original series writer Nick Vince, gave the idea of dimension warping explorers a much more mystical setting.

The original series ran for 14 issues, followed by a two issue mini written by Craig Houston and drawn by Charlie Adlard.

If the series had continued as planned it would perhaps have seen the inclusion of Houston and Jennett’s Razorwire character in the team, but this was not to be.

Loose Cannons, a four issue painted mini series featuring a female Warheads team, written by Dan Abnett and drawn by Mark Harrison, was almost completed but never finished.

A number of short Warheads stories commissioned for Overkill, drawn by artists such as Charlie Adlard and Smuzz (then known as SMS), remained unfinished or abandoned.

On Sale: 19th March 2014

Creative Team

Writer: Alan Cowsill & Andy Lanning
Art: Gary Erskine
Cover: Mark Brooks
Variant Cover: Gary Erskine


Colonel Liger, formerly of the evil organization Mys-TECH, has started working as an agent of MI:13, Mys-TECH’s rival agency. Not everything is as it appears, though – because Liger has just discovered that his old team, The Warheads, are still alive – and nothing’s going to stop him from finding them.

32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Revolutionary War #7 - Warheads Intro

Revolutionary War #7 - Warheads Strip Page 1

Revolutionary War #7 - Warheads Strip Page 2

Revolutionary War #7 - Warheads Strip Page 3

Revolutionary War #7 - Warheads Strip Page 4

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