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Marking a major change in its distribution model almost all the comics on the comics-to-mobile service ROK Comics ( are now Free To View on the web.

After experimenting with various sales techniques since its launch last year, ROK Comics has scrapped the two frame only restriction on all Pro Comics in favour of full promotion for the comics and to better push visitors to subscribing to its WAP comic service, with revenues (shared with pro creators) to be generated by ad sales as well as page view revenues from partner services and other sources.

“The move has been greeted with approval from our top creators who, like us, see this as a great way to promote their characters and strips,” says ROK Comics Managing Editor John Freeman, “complementing their other distribution methods.”

Now you can ‘embed’ any ROK Comic on most web sites (including many blog services and MySpace), just as you would with an embed for video services like YouTube, Newsjack or QIK.

Hand in hand with the mainly behind the scenes changes noted above, the ROK Comics design team have transformed the main WAP site ( For pricing details in your country go to

In the UK, for a free trial of the service on your mobile, text COMIC to 83736. For a full subscription text COMIC SUB to 83736. The UK subscription price is just £3 a month.
Don’t forget to bookmark the site when you follow the link you are sent.

ROK has also announced its recent humour competition will be judged by TOXIC comic editor Matt Yeo and reminds all creators its ROK and A Hard Place competition, being in run partnership with the Birmingham International Comic Show, is still running until later this month. More details about the competition here.

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