Scribble Down transfer packs update “Action Transfers” for younger children

Scribble Down transfer packsEarlier this year we highlighted the history-inspired rub down transfers range from Westair Reproductions Ltd, which includes packs featuring dinosaurs, Vikings and castle siege scenes. We’ve now been made aware of an award-winning transfers range aimed at younger children. Scribble Down transfer packs, suitable for age 4+ make ideal presents, they are great for party bags or for long journeys – or just for fun.

Both the Westair and Scribble Down ranges conjure memories of Letraset‘s “Action Transfers” (and similar products), offering the opportunity to create your own Doctor WhoJoe 90Star Wars and Tarzan adventures with “rub-down” figures applied to “blank canvas” backgrounds.

Scribble Down transfer packs

Scribble Down transfer packs - Alien Encounters

Scribble Down transfer packs - Spooky HollowsAs with the original Action Transfers, children can use their imagination and skill to make the  Scribble Down pictures tell a story, and the range is available in over 15 countries worldwide and has been published in eight languages.

Pete Hendrickx, co-creator fo the range is a huge comic fan and it was his childhood memory of the Action Transfer sets that got the transfers back into the marketplace, working with his partner, Sarah Hendrickx.

Back in 2014, Scribble Down were awarded a commendation for the design of their Polar Explorers set in the creative category section of the Independent Toy Shop Awards 2013.

• Just like the Westair range, all the Scribble Down Transfer Packs are available from selected retailers, including Amazon

The Scribble Down Official site is at

• ActionTransfer.comis a brilliant site offering information on treasures as Super Action Transfers, Patterson Blick Instant Picture Books, Waddingtons Panoramas, Busy Bee Instant Picture Packs, Super Action Heroes, Kalkitos, Action Replay, PrestoMagiX, Thomas Salter, cereal and comic Free Gifts (or ‘premiums’, for US visitors) & endless varieties of dry rub-down, rub-on, or rub-off transfers. They even have some tattoos, water-slide and iron-on transfers, and following great public demand, online Action Transfers games!

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