Self Publisher Magazine interviews Spandex creator Martin Eden

The latest free issue of Self Publisher! Magazine is out now – a US based title devoted to the creation of independent comics but one that regularly features British creators talking about their craft . 
“Issue 63 has a lot riding on it,” says editor Ian Shires. It’s the first issue that we are making available to read on-screen through issuu, it is the issue that we are printing and taking to the SPACE show in Columbus in a couple weeks, and it will be the first issue to go onto Kindle and iPad distribution through Cloud 9.”

This issue’s British creator is Martin Eden, creator of the acclaimed O-Men and Spandex, looking back on 10 years of writing his characters and forward to Spandex Book Two, tentatively scheduled for release next year.

Also in the 48-page issue are interviews with Chad Lambert, creator of Possum at Large (along with a Sneak Peek at the comic), Dan Dillard, Drew Close, Mark Lesie Lefebvre, Canny Cooper, Michael C. Williams, and Richelle E. Goodrich.

The title is still looking for more writers to bring their perspectives to the magazine. “We have room for more interviewers, a need for reviewers, and a place for people who want to express how-to ideas,” says Ian. “We are continuing to expand into literary, music, and movie indy areas as topics to cover. 
“SP! Is ‘by the people, for the people’, so I thank you each of you I send this message to, for taking the time to read it. I hope it resonates. I have been working on incarnations of SP! Since 1989 – and I don’t think we’ve ever been as close to reaching that ‘critical mass’ as we are right now. I pledge to continue to put everything I’ve got into making it work, until it does.

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