Sneak Beak: The Featherhood by Paul Goodenough and Fabio Guimarães

The Featherhood Peview - Cover

There will be lots to see and do in the Comic Zone at the London Film and Comic Con this coming weekend, but be sure to check out the free preview of The Featherhood, a new project from award-winning writer Paul Goodenough, featuring art by Brazilian illustrator Fabio Guimarães, lettered by Jim Campbell.

Not only is there a free preview of this intriguing tale up for grabs – the story of three abandoned birds as they struggle to stay alive in starving world, where they’re the main course – but you could get yourself a smart bird-inspired tattoo for yourself, too.

It’s all a cunning scheme from creator Paul (who’s far from bird-brained about such things) to raise awareness of the project, and the preview comic should certainly whet your appetite to find out more about this Incredible Journey meets the Apocalypse-inspired tale.

Preview art from The Featherhood

Preview art from The Featherhood

“With The Featherhood, what I’ve done is fund a preview comic, and the idea at LFCC will be to raise some awareness about it,” Paul tells downthetubes. “We’ve hired a wonderful henna artist, Henna For Hire to give people free killer temporary tattoos, as well as giving out a free 12-page preview comic.

Preview art from The Featherhood

The Featherhood is the story of three unwanted birds facing the apocalypse. Here’s the synopsis:

Britain is landlocked, cut off from the rest of the world. Nothing comes in, and nothing gets out. When the volcano in Gulfoss exploded, it made the seas of the world in-traversable, and the skies a wall of dust. No-one dared travel anywhere. It’s every country, and everybody for themselves.

With no food coming into the country, and large swathes of farm land underwater or ruined, everything is starving. Cherished pets become a square meal, and eating anything weaker than you is the only way to stay alive.

Like all animals, birds are under constant attack from humans, and other animals. With a cloud of choking dust, Flying was harder than ever, and food impossible to come by. So they chose the only option open to them – relocation.

They’d heard that the raised land height, and densely forested areas of Canada offered their only hope for survival, so a last, desperate, plan was hatched, for all birdkind to band together and traverse the Atlantic in hope for a new life.

They knew most would die, but anything was better than the slow death they faced in Britain. 

But some, the weak and unwanted, got left behind…

The Featherhood follows the story of three abandoned birds as they struggle to stay alive in starving world, where they’re the main course.

To grab your free preview comics, just come head to the the Comic Zone at London Film and Comic Con on Saturday 28th July at the Olympia in London, or Sunday 30th. Paul will be on table 35, next to the wonderful Simon Furman and Geoff Senior.

“There may also be another surprise/ giveaway for lucky punters, so please spread the word,” Paul asks. Any and all donations for RSPB Love Nature on the day are welcome.

For more on The Featherhood, head over to the project’s Facebook page

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