Sneak Preview: The Hunter by Joe Sparrow

The Hunter by Joe Sparrow - Cover


The Hunter
Created by Joe Sparrow
Full colour – 24 pages
Price £6.50
Published by NoBrow Press

The Story: In a time centuries before our own, one arrogant hunter has grown bored of sport. Only the legends of a mythical beast excite him now, but when he goes hunting for the creature he quickly discovers that he is outmatched. Because the beast is not any mythical animal but is composed of all the hunted prey killed in the past, and is most certainly out for revenge…


The Hunter by Jack Sparrow - Preview Art


The Preview: The Hunter by Joe Sparrow is a fairy tale with a taste of a darker side, offering gorgeous art, where the colours sink into the page in perfectly constructed animation cell style sequentials. Its pages are chocked full of character and European style “mystery in the woods” beauty. Joe Sparrow has managed to take the fairy tale and give it a tiny spark of the psychedelic.

The story is a familiar one in that the central character, the Fourth Earl of Reisenskog, is an arrogant royal full of his own importance. Bored with being pampered and being waited on hand and foot, this rich blowhard buffoon becomes a blood-thirsty hunter. His prey: reimagined creatures such as the “Heliceros”, a “Man Eating Carnifax” and a “Swooping Megaroc”.

As with all good fairy tales, this comes back to bite him on his royal arse – as we see later in the story.


The Hunter by Jack Sparrow - Preview Art

This is a book with genuine beauty and, especially in the humble opinion of a life long vegetarian, offers a cracking moral at its end. It has a real charm and humour to its panels and you could easily see this as a short animation film.

Part of NoBrow’s excellent 17 x 23 series, The Hunter is due for release on 12th May 2015. NoBrow are seriously killing it on this series: every book has been an exceptional read. This latest tome well worth buying for the one that you love. The book comes straight out of the gun fully and gorgeously realised.

Creator Joe Sparrow  relocated from Cornwall after taking an art foundation course at Falmouth University, moving to London to study illustration at Kingston University. He has previously worked on the 72Demons project with a a number of other creators and self publishes his work for sale at Conventions and fairs. He was also co-creator of Dungeons and Drawings with Blanca Martinez in 2013.

I expect more big things from this creator soon. Cracking stuff.

• You can also find some lovely examples of Joe’s work on Tumblr at and buy his own comics at his website

• The ever creative NoBrow can be found at | on Tumblr at | on Facebook| and follow them on Twitter @nobrowpress

• You can grab a copy from the NoBrow site itself or it is currently available for preorder on a number of other sites including and

Many thanks for reading.

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