Star Trek Online and Streaming

In a major expanison of its online offerings, classic episodes from the US network CBS archive, including Star Trek and The Twilight Zone, are being made available online on and across the 300 websites that make up the network’s CBS Audience Network, which includes partners such as AOL, Microsoft, CNET Networks, Joost, Bebo, Amazon, Apple and Yahoo.

The episodes don’t appear to be viewable outside the US, but the move continues CBS strategy of enabling fans of its content to watch their shows on their favourite sites, rather than forcing them to a specific site. All the content is free to view, supported by advertising.

The initial lineup includes full-length episodes of seasons one, two and three of the original Star Trek – presumably not the recently ReMastered editions featuring new effects – seasons one and two of The Twilight Zone and the first seasons of MacGyver, Hawaii Five-O and Melrose Place, with more programs and clips to be added in the coming months.

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