StripGenerator Revamped, now includes social network features

Slovenia-based ThirdFrameStudios has just released Stripgenerator 1.6, the latest version of its hugely popular online software that enables users to easily create comic strips, share them with friends, rate, comment them and more.

The new Stripgenerator brings many useful new features, including the ability to post your strips to social network sites, a gorgeous design and what the creators describe as “a vastly improved experience for the users”.

Stripgenerator, which was one of the first online comics creation tools I used and has been bought in adapted by a range of media companies including and the Big Brother show – was great at inception. It’s even better now and includes new theme packs with strip characters and items, community based creating strips on topic, better creation tools, detailed statistics for Stripgenerator artists and all-round improvements.

Check it out at:

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