Questionable Elephantmen hits comic stores

The latest issue of Elephantmen, written by former Marvel UK staffer Richard Starkings (whose career has simply spiraled upwards ever since) is now on sale, with art by Marian Churchland, Axel Medellin, Moritat & André Szymanowicz.

In Issue 26 – Questionable Things Part Three – Blackthorne is assigned to assist Hip and Ebony in tracking down the MAPPO agents loose in Los Angeles. Miki reluctantly agrees to help.

The issue also features the debut of ‘Charely Loves Robots’ a new series by J.G., André Szymanowicz and Gabriel Bautista. On the first day of summer vacation in 2020, 13 year-old Charley Moore can’t wait to get to the mall and be the first to buy a brand new ThrowBot! But Charley’s parents are about to seriously hack
into his plans…

With a cover by Boo Cook, Elephantmen is available in the UK from comic shops, Diamond code JAN10 0459

More info here on the official Elephantmen web site

Read a five-page preview at Comic Book Resources

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