Temple APA Issue 2 Online

A team of indie British creators, banded together for some time now as the Temple APA, has just released a second issue of comics with the same name, available free in both low and hi-res PDF format.

The collection, which has a bit of a belated theme, is intended as a digital showcase of British comic writers and artists both amateur and professional and also UK small press comics.

Featured in this 38-page issue is the work of creators such as Tony Suleri, who provides the stunning cover, design work and more; Dave Hailwood, offering a new humour strip, Bunk Mates, set in a nuclear bunker; Adam Grose, showing off his new mystery adventure strip, Dragonfly, which has just launched as a web strip Paul Eldridge with Rubbernorc, including some new 3D interpretations of his most popular character; Jim Stewart; Malcolm Kirk, whose offerings include Clumsy Violent Idiot, a homage to Shiner from Whizzer and Chips; and Simon Mackie, whose Credit Crunch Christmas strip is a tale already raved about here.

Also included is a quick British Small Press Directory, useful for those of you trying to track down some of the higher profile indie titles at comics events or online.

Feedback on the work is always welcomed. Post any comments or feedback on the Temple APA forum here

PDF Links
Download Temple APA Issue Two — [ hi-res (29.1mb) ][ lo-res (7.4mb) ]
Download Temple APA Issue One — [ hi-res (29.1mb) ][ lo-res (11.3mb) ] Download Temple APA Issue Zero — [ hi-res (40.0mb) ][ lo-res (11.6mb) ]

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